Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Mystery Meds

When I walk to work now, it's still dark (or dark-ish) outside. Our clocks will change this weekend and that should give us more daylight in the mornings, but in the meantime, I pass scenes like the one above -- autumn colors in the blue-gray light of dawn.

I ordered some new masks the other day. I got sick of the ones I had, which were all patterned, and it may be my imagination but I think many people seem to be trending toward more neutral masks. (Or "face coverings," as they are euphemistically called.) I suppose that way we don't have to think about matching our masks to our clothing, a la Nancy Pelosi. Not that she doesn't do it exceptionally well.

The ones I got are black, and supposedly they're more breathable because they use nanotechnology blah blah blah. They don't really seem more breathable but I do think I like the black fabric better. It still seems so odd to me that we all now have to think about this additional wardrobe element as a matter of routine.

The other day I was in the medicine cabinet looking for a Band-Aid and I found a Ziploc sandwich baggie containing these two pills (on the left -- with an aspirin just to show how big they are). Does this ever happen to you, where you find random medicine with no idea what it is or where it came from? I've never bought any pills like that, I'm sure. Given their size I figured they were chewable, and after some Googling I determined that they're Alka-Seltzer antacids -- someone must have given them to me at some point. God only knows how old they are. But I saved them -- they're probably still good.

It's raining again this morning. No walk for the dog!


Ursula said...

Chuck those pills. Or give them to your local chemist to dispose of them.

That Victorian style tiling touches my heart. It reminds me of my one and only true love among all the houses and other abodes I have lived in. And I say this as someone who'd make a home on the moon. House hunting ca, 1988. On my 89th viewing (don't say I don't take my time) and what do you know. I fell in love. Not least with the Victorian/Edwardian tiling).

Facemasks? Back to black. Breathing? Who needs to breathe? Good job I don't wear glasses. God knows how their steaming up works. Every time I accidentally catch my face in some mirror (of which shopping centres appear to be full) I am taken aback. I look like a robber ca. 1782 (Schiller, Die Raeuber). "Durch diese hohle Gasse muss er kommen". A line partly amusing, partly shiver down the spine. Loosely translated "through this godforsaken and devoid of other people alley way he must come". That's the head robber speaking. Still, as "we all in this together" it's more like an exercise of Peter robbing Paul.

It won't come as news to Olga: It's a dog's life.


Frances said...

That garden path and front door are gorgeous !
I haven't invested much in masks.....bought myself a plain pink one and black for P, but I have reverted to wearing the ordinary blue and white disposable ones. They feel more comfy !
Yes, lashing down this morning isn't it? Lex will have to wear his mac and I might try out my very long mac that I rarely wear as it tangles my legs up, but does keep me dry!

Yorkshire Pudding said...

I think the "AS" stands for anabolic steroid. You must have ben into body building at some time in the past. I guess you were a gym bunny back then with bulging biceps and rippling pecs. What the hell happened?

Yorkshire Pudding said...

"ben" = "been"

gz said...

I agree with Ursula,please get those pills to a pharmacist for disposal!
That is a beautiful path, accentuated by the wet..I saw it and thought Quilt!!
I must draw out the pattern ready for the next one I make....
With winter coming on, Olga will have to get used to wet walks. We have started riding in wet weather..although starting out in the rain has been drawn a line at so far!!

Moving with Mitchell said...

What a stunning entry to that house.

"They're probably still good?" Um, I kind of doubt it. (I had never heard of that kind of Alka Seltzer. Only the plop-plop-fizz-fizz kind.)

My masks have to match what I'm wearing. And THAT is wearing me out. Basic black doesn't sound bad.

Ms. Moon said...

Yes. Those are what I call "candy" antacids. They're fine. You just chew them.

robin andrea said...

It's still dark here as I type this and it's 7:00 in the morning. Looking forward to the time change back to standard.
My sister sent me four new masks, all in solid colors of black and gray. My masks are now the most stylish thing I've worn in years!

Sharon said...

I LOVE that top photo! It is very appealing. I feel like I could live there.
I've never seen an Alka-Seltzer that looked like that.

Linda Sue said...

If it makes you feel better- it is dark here all day long, except for two hours yesterday , the sun did shine and sat in it, all toasty warm. The tile , the house, the lighting of the photo is stunning really. Aesthetics of pretty London!Fingers crossed that the country gets sorted - before we die! Alka Selzter may come in handy, as well as Hemlock.

Edna B said...

That's a really beautiful front entrance to the building. I'll bet it's pretty in all the seasons. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

Catalyst said...

That first photo is so good. It looks like a cozy nook in the metropolis. I'd love to see what it's like inside. Perhaps Holmes and Watson are in there.

Red said...

It looks like we will be wearing face coverings for a while so we might as well get the fancy stuff.

37paddington said...

The mood of that first photo reminds me of some of the BBC period shows I watch, where people live in townhouses with elegant walkways like that one. It's a lovely image.

Allison said...

Too funny. That was our rule for riding in Seattle winters. We would not start out in the rain, but would go knowing it was likely we'd get wet.

Allison said...

I love the tile entry to that house. It's all gorgeous and I would like to live there. Awhile ago I read somewhere that Madam Speaker's outfits are styled by her husband. He decides what she'll wear, coordinates the accessories and etc. No idea if it's true, but it's a nice story of his supporting her efforts.

Unknown said...

No decision for us as we use surgical masks and change them each day. A study showed that reusable masks had to be double layered and washed in a washing machine at 60C daily to remove virus and bacteria.

Debby said...

That tiling is amazing.

Unknown said...

Just to add, maybe 1/3 here wear reusable masks.

ellen abbott said...

I was thinking they looked more like candy.

love the entrance to that house.

Steve Reed said...

Ursula: The details on these Victorian and Edwardian houses are really amazing. No one builds like that anymore! My glasses steam up too. It's a drag.

Frances: I have disposables that I sometimes wear too. They ARE more comfortable, I agree.

YP: Ha! I actually WAS very into the gym for about 15 years, but never to the degree that I took a steroid.

GZ: It WOULD make a good quilt, that's true!

Mitchell: I really think simple masks is a new trend!

Ms Moon: Yeah, I'm sure they're fine. I saved them.

Robin: They DO provide a new fashion opportunity, for better or worse.

Sharon: They're antacids, not normal Alka-Seltzers. That house is very nice. I expect it's quite expensive.

Linda Sue: I loved the yellow windows with the yellow leaves. Such a nice combination with that walkway.

Edna: I'm sure it is nice at any time of year!

Catalyst: It looks very Holmes and Watson, doesn't it?!

Red: I just want comfortable!

37P: Yeah, it is very reminiscent of a house on a TV show.

Allison: I didn't know that, about Madame Speaker. With a job that stressful, I guess it helps to have a supportive spouse!

Andrew: Mine are all multiple layers and I do run them through the washing machine with the rest of the laundry after a single use. But the disposables are more comfortable.

Debby: Isn't it?!

Ellen: They do look suspiciously candyish. I guess if they were at all dangerous that might be a problem, but since they're antacids I don't think there's any hazard.