Saturday, October 17, 2020

Louse and Sunflower

These days, when I walk the dog in the morning before work, it's still dark outside. We often pass this flat where there's a motion-activated light by the front door, which creates interesting shadows through the bars across the front porch. (This specific apartment is like Fort Knox, for some reason.)

And with that, here are some more miscellaneous pictures from my trusty iPhone.

I found this artwork propped against the rails in a stairwell at school. I guess someone didn't want their drawing of a giant...louse?

Domestic life on a weekend. Dave probably wouldn't be thrilled that I'm showing you a picture of him with his uncombed hair, in his pajama bottoms...but hey, this is our reality!

The trees on the next street over from our flat have gone yellow and autumnal. Once again, Olga poses patiently as I pray that no cats or squirrels wander past.

This poor sunflower got somewhat beaten down by Storm Alex a few weeks ago, but it was still pretty enough to be photo-worthy.

Olga is freaked out by the crazy face drawn onto this recycling bin. "We are cool kidz," it says. Guess someone put their kids in charge of bin-decorating.

In a recycling bin in St. John's Wood. Unfortunately the book had been rained on -- but fortunately I already have a copy. I figure if we get locked down again it might be a good reading project, as it's about 10,000 pages of tiny, tiny type.

A sign of the times.

And finally, so as not to end on a sour Covid note, how about...

...a weirdly hypnotizing GIF of elephants that I stole off the web?


Moving with Mitchell said...

I started to comment a half hour ago, but I was mesmerised but the elephants. I read the title and did a double-take. Yep, you DID say LOUSE. The drawing is great. Does the louse have covid? As for Dave with messy hair, you're just jealous because he HAS messy hair. Has he seen the photo and are you still alive?

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Those two elephants have got plenty of energy. When do they stop? I have been watching them for over an hour now. As for the apartment that is like Fort Knox, perhaps the reason is that they store gold in there. Just a thought.

Ursula said...

@Yorkshire Pudding: No, the reason the place is fortified because they are on the ground floor. In a DARK (if lit) alley. Or, maybe, Steve McQueen and Charles Bronson, reminiscing, voluntarily holed themselves up with a spoon to dig their way out.

Steve, your shapely feet notwithstanding, Dave looks drop dead gorgeous. Don't know why but with dark haired guys the tousled look is most becoming. In that twilight he reminds me of Dylan Moran (Black Books). Seen him live too. I love the guy. Don't let that frighten Dave.

Lice - of any variety: The least said the sooner got rid off. I so "fondly" remember when my freshly baked husband remarked, in his dry sarky way, that no one, not even my father, catches crab lice from a toilet seat. I was only twenty. What was I supposed to do with that information? I didn't understand it at the time. Neither did my mother. Or if she did she didn't let on. Ah, cue the violin, my innocence. Headlice? They are hard work (unless you use chemicals which I never did on the Angel's long blond locks). Conditioner, patience and a lice comb were my battalion. What I don't understand why I never had headlice as a child yet in England there appears to be a phase (largely infant school) when it's the vogue. Suddenly, it stopped. And it's nothing to do with "dirty hair". Apparently, head lice prefer clean hair. Who doesn't? if ever there was an incentive for those working close up and personal with kids to NOT wash their (own) hair. You haven't touched on where lice, and other suckers, feature, usefully, in the food chain.

Thanks for the sunflower, Steve. I like it when someone sees beauty even in damage and decay. And documents it.

Olga? Olga is the Lauren Hutton of the dog walk.


My life so far said...

At least the elephants look like they're having fun:)

Sharon said...

A unique assortment of iPhone images today. That's a pretty intricate drawing of that wretched creature. It makes me wonder what the artist could accomplish drawing something more lovable. I love the photo of Olga backed by the fall colors. Your 'reality' photo looks pretty darn normal. What can I say about those elephants except that have a hypnotic effect. You can't help but keep looking at them.

Ms. Moon said...

I rather like the louse picture. Not that I would hang it up unless one of my grandkids did it. Still- not so bad.
It occurred to me that as you are hoping that no squirrels or cats wander by, Olga is looking like she is praying to all the gods that a squirrel or cat will wander by...
Those elephants! It's that moment when they are in the air doing their somersault that makes them so hypnotic.
Dave is adorable.

robin andrea said...

It's lovely to see that photo of Dave. Reminds me that I could click a photo like that of Roger everyday. Maybe I will!
When I look at Olga's face by the recycling bin, I see the question in her eyes, "Why do humans do this? Why?"

Red said...

Nice shot of bare feet!!!

ellen abbott said...

yeah, the artist has a fair talent. maybe when whoever grows up they will do giant canvasses of irritating little bugs.

ah, home life. I haven't brushed my hair yet today either. I do wish you would change your format so that we could comment and see your post at the same time.

37paddington said...

Love the slice of domestic life. Looks much the same over here, minus the lovely Olga of course. What a moody evocative scene you captured in that first photo. It looks like a BBC detective procedural set.

Catalyst said...

I like the picture of Dave, Olga and (ugh) your bare feet. I like Dave's hair, his pajama bottoms and his comfortable slippers. It looks just like I would want it to look on a weekend in a London flat. The other photos are equally entertaining, with the photogenic Olga, of course.

Angelicastar said...

That's the idea of comfort that Dave is having. If you saw me away from home and then came by my home you would think someone broke my door down and came inside. (laughing) When I step inside my door I am pulling clothes off and putting on the biggest dress or loungers that I can find. I love seeing how much Olga is loved. I have 3 little ones and I love my babies. I never call them dogs but babies. I have 1 short haired chi, one long haired chi, and a maltepoo. I love them so much. My son tell me I have them spoiled. They don't mind me when I tell them to come inside. They are so small I just pick them up and bring them inside. (lol)

Linda Sue said...

Comments are like entirely whole blogs on your blog, So enjoy reading them. Your homeyness is comfortable, real and warm. I would have kept the art work, it is really good!

Allison said...

I would like to second Ellen's request that you make it so we can see the blog while we're on the comments page.
Olga truly won the dog lottery when she met up with you and Dave. She's exuding happiness while napping on the couch.

Unknown said...

I quite like the school stair drawing, and of course the see-sawing elephants.

Steve Reed said...

Mitchell: Ha! Honestly, I am NOT jealous of the hair. There's a lot of maintenance time involved in hair. He sometimes looks at my blog but I may sneak this one past him. LOL

YP: Why are they so mesmerizing?

Ursula: But there are lots of ground-floor apartments off the same alley and they don't have those fortifications. I think it's a little over-the-top, honestly. Dave does look adorable in his tousled state, I agree. And yes, there does seem to be a period when kids are prone to lice, irrespective of cleanliness.

Lilycedar: They do, although you'd think they'd get sore after a while.

Sharon: I wonder what the assignment was that led to the louse. Were kids told to draw something repulsive?

Ms Moon: Yeah, in terms of technical skill, it's a pretty impressive drawing! Olga is ALWAYS praying for squirrels. (And there are lots of them on that street, with all the trees, so she's being vigilant.)

Robin: She's probably really saying, "Why are we stopping? Why?"

Red: Ha! Yeah, it was unavoidable.

Ellen: To be honest, I never gave a moment's thought to my commenting settings. But I changed them so now you should have your wish. Thanks for the suggestion!

37P: It DOES seem like a dark and possibly threatening alley, but it's really not!

Catalyst: Yeah, sorry about the feet, but at least they're clean and well-groomed. Dave is definitely in comfort mode.

Angelicastar: Well, that's what home is for, right? A place to get comfortable. I didn't know you have three dogs!

Linda Sue: Well, I'm assuming the kid may come back for it, although why he/she would leave it there I'm not sure!

Allison: Yeah, the comment thing was a good idea, and I think I've got it set that way now. Like I told Ellen, I never thought about it. I think I've had that setting ever since I started my blog, way back when!

Andrew: I rarely post randomly found Internet stuff, but there's something about those elephants I couldn't resist!