Saturday, December 22, 2012

Another New Lens!

Dave got me another new lens for my camera! This one's a macro lens, for close-up photography. I practiced by shooting the empty cocoon left behind by our dear departed butterfly -- still clinging to a leaf on one of our amaryllis plants (a very dusty leaf, as you can see).

I keep thinking our amaryllis plants are going to shed the rest of their sad-looking leaves and go dormant. But one or two leaves on each plant are still green, so I'm still watering the plants. I've been told that they don't have to go dormant completely -- that in spring they'll send out new foliage and perhaps bloom even if they keep leaves all winter. We'll see!

As for the cocoon, sad to think it's probably long outlived its former inhabitant. I still think of that butterfly, flapping out into the chilly November afternoon on the day I set it free. I'm a sentimental mess, I know.

We're off today for Florida, as I've mentioned. We fly out of Gatwick around noon, and fortunately, packing wasn't nearly as much of a nightmare as I feared. Even with (small and inexpensive) Christmas gifts, I'm traveling pretty light.

I intend to keep blogging from there, so stay tuned!


Sharon said...

Congrats on the new lens. You will have so much fun with it. Judging from this photo, it's a good one.
Safe travels!

Ms. Moon said...

Well, Dave's gift to you is a gift to us as well! Tell him thank-you, please.
You're going to be down in my old stompin' grounds. Maybe you should take a little jaunt to the old part of Tampa and get some shots down there. Enjoy your time. I hope your flights are easy and uneventful.

Nancy said...

Safe travels!

Lynne said...

Safe travels, Steve & Dave. See you stateside!

Lynne said...

And, oh yes, LOVE the photo of the empty cocoon.

ellen abbott said...

I love the macro setting on my little point and shoot. It makes me out to be a better photographer than I really am.

Elizabeth said...

That's stunning. Like paper -- so fragile. It's weird and wonderful that life was housed within and that it broke apart --