Wednesday, December 19, 2012

FedEx Rage

I wrote a lengthy, detailed post about FedEx's second failed attempt to deliver a package to me yesterday, despite the fact that I was sitting quietly in my flat all day waiting for them. I was angry, angry, angry. Every other delivery person can find our apartment, but FedEx not only can't call me, ring the bell or leave a note letting me know they've come by -- they apparently can't even get to our front door. I only learn this hours later, when I check online tracking.

In the past few weeks, this has happened five times with two different FedEx packages.

When I mentioned this incident on Facebook, one of my friends wrote: "Here's the deal: the FedEx delivery man finds it far simpler to just take everything back and say that nobody was home than to actually go through the motions of delivering the packages. He probably spent the day in the pub. You need to speak to somebody higher up."

Which I suspect is true.


I deleted that post, because although it was cathartic to write, it seemed impossibly whiny and self-centered in light of the much bigger issues playing out around the world. I mean, things could be worse, right?

Besides, FedEx got in touch with me and promised to get my package delivered later this week. We'll see if they succeed.

Meanwhile, I am getting the heck out of the house today.

(Photo: Completely unrelated motorcycle guy on Portobello Road, Monday.)


37paddington said...

Oh, do I ever know this story! Another variation is they leave your package in the lobby of your non doorman building and call it delivered! They never rang your bell.

Ms. Moon said...

I can't imagine the hell it is to be a FedEx delivery person at this time of year. I doubt seriously they are compensated very well.
That sucks.

Reya Mellicker said...

Good to write about it, also great to delete it after the catharsis.

I hate stupid crap like that, hate getting all worked up about it. But it's so frustrating! I would feel the same way, I'm sure.

Hope you have a good day out and about.

utahDOG! said...

FedEx is garbage.

ellen abbott said...

Might it be easier to just go pick it up?

Sharon said...

I'm sad to say it but, I'm not surprised. A couple of years ago, I came home from work and saw a huge box sitting next to my front door. I wasn't expecting anything and sure enough when I looked at the box, it was addressed to my street number but one street over. It it had been a small box, I would have just walked it over but it was huge and heavy so I called FedEx to have it picked up. Next day, still there, day after that, still there in spite of the two more phone calls I made. The funny thing is that the whole time it's sitting there, my sprinkler system is giving the box a good soaking twice a day. I call for the third time and this time I tell them that if they wait a couple more days, the sprinkler system will melt down the box. So they finally come and get the box. Two weeks later, they do it again, deliver a box to my address that belongs one street over. So I called again, asked for a supervisor, and ranted again. They were better this time, it only took two days to pick it up. I vowed at that time never to use FedEx.

The Bug said...

Most of our delivery people just leave packages at our front door - they don't even bother to ring the bell. And most of the time I'm fine with that, but when we're going to be out of town it's annoying.

It's the kind of thing that I get REALLY ranty about - Mike has to talk me down off the ledge :)

Linda Sue said...

What is that cool background - behind the bike guy???I want it! Fed Ex has always bailed me out in a pinch but that is pretty much local. They even wrap things for me and phone me if they have been delayed.
Of course I always need to remind them that Tom Hanks is my distant cousin through Abe Lincoln's mother Nancy Hanks, and, as you know, Tom is their movie hero...always gets their attention. Work it, baby! Use what you got- I say.

Lynne said...

I love the shadows and light in this photo. Hey ... wait a minute... isn't that the name of this blog? :)

Really, though, I'm serious.

Steve Reed said...

Angella: Why do they have so much trouble ringing a bell??

Ms Moon: You are absolutely right, and I appreciate your reminding me to see it from the driver's perspective. This time of year must be crazy for them.

Reya: It's always the little things that are SO FRUSTRATING.

Utahdog: I do not dispute you.

Ellen: I've done that before, but unfortunately the FedEx distribution center is in Bermondsey, down in South London. It's a haul.

Sharon: Pretty scary that it happened TWICE! I hope whatever was in that box wasn't water-sensitive!

Bug: I would be thrilled if they'd just leave it at the door. But apparently they can't even FIND the door. Not sure why.

Linda Sue: That's a big piece of wall art decorating an underpass under the Westway on Portobello Road. There's a similar one at Ladbroke Grove. I think it's London's attempt to make the Westway attractive!

Lynne: Thanks. Yep, I'm true to my name!