Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Bint's Chickens

I came across this fun street art on Ladbroke Grove yesterday -- a big chicken decorated with fried eggs. Gotta love it. The artist is Bint, and I met her not too long ago while she was painting at another location. Yes, she is a she, relatively uncommon in the male-dominated world of graffiti and street art.

I found this seasonally appropriate ice-skating chicken (such talent!) last week.

And then there was this one -- even more seasonally appropriate.

I had hoped to get out today and do some exploring, but I'm stuck at home waiting for a couple of packages. For some reason FedEx just can't seem to get things delivered to our apartment. I think they come to the little gate at the back of the complex, which is always closed, and get stymied and drive away. God forbid they should circle the block and come in the huge, main gate on Portobello Road (which is always open) and then ring my buzzer.

I also have to defrost our refrigerator. It has mysteriously stopped working twice now -- I've opened it up to find everything inside lukewarm -- and my theory is that's because the freezer coils are too iced over. I'm not sure whether I'll tackle that today or not. It's one of my least favorite household tasks, only slightly better than cleaning the oven or the shower.


Ms. Moon said...

Ms. Bint can create a lot of energy with a few lines, can't she? And expression. I love her chickens!
Good luck with the refrigerator. Maybe you should just buy a new one for Christmas. Then you wouldn't have to clean the old one.

The Bug said...

I had a drink can explode in the office fridge (a little dorm room sized one) over the weekend. Came in yesterday & what a mess! It had blown the door open. Fortunately there wasn't much in there. I'm blaming the tiny little freezer for that too. The drink wasn't IN the freezer, but it was so iced over that it probably made the outer area too cold. Fortunately it kind of self defrosted in a very messy way before I got to work :)

Lynne said...

I love Binty's chickens! So cute.

Can't you get a fridge that doesn't need defrosting? Ugh!