Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Urban Moai

I went over to Latimer Road yesterday to find some new graffiti. I was hoping Mr. Styles had been back -- he's done at least three pieces over there, including one a couple of weeks ago that I missed seeing before it got painted over. I didn't want that to happen again. But Mr. Styles had not returned, and nothing else was very impressive. So I ran some errands and came home.

Then, in the afternoon, I walked over to Trellick Tower, my other graffiti spot. There had been a lot of activity, so I took some photos, but again, none of the new pieces knocked my socks off. I decided to take a long walk home along the Grand Union Canal.

That's where I came across these -- definitely the find of the day! They're urban moai, those somber-looking statues gazing out to sea from Easter Island. In this case they're gazing across the Grand Union Canal toward...a big apartment block.

You've got to be a culturally aware graffiti artist to incorporate moai into your work, it seems to me.

Dave and I keep talking about trying to visit Easter Island. Apparently it can be done from Chile, and we do want to go to South America. I'm taking these moai as a sign that someday I might get there.

To tell you the truth -- as you can probably sense from the fact that I took two walks yesterday -- I am a bit stir-crazy right now. We're almost at the bottom of the curve in terms of daily sunlight. It's dark for so much of the day, and it's also been so rainy and cold, that getting out of the house has been harder than usual. (I have gone out, though, every day for the past week.)

I'm also getting a bit discouraged about my photography -- just wondering how to ever make myself known, make my work known. I see so many people on Flickr with photography brands, obviously seeking to create businesses of their own. Am I any better than they are? Does my work stand out? I have followers on Flickr, but not that many. Wouldn't they be banging down my doors by the hundreds if I were making truly great images? Am I just too average?

All this was going through my head yesterday. Perhaps a little bit of Polynesia is just what I needed.


Nancy said...

Mark my words: recognition will come WHEN you least expect it and FROM whence you least expect it. That makes it even more wonderful.

Ms. Moon said...

I know this feeling. Sometimes I can barely stand to go in a book store where they have all those...published...books.
Keep on, darling. Keep on.

ellen abbott said...

yes I know that drill. here's the thing. you can't compare yourself to others. That's an exercise in futility, in discouragement. Just do the best work you can do.

mouse (aka kimy) said...

yep, definitely a sign! time to book passage for a little wander!

i'd love to send you some of our weather - unseasonally warm, come on it is december we're supposed to have snow no be able to run around in just one's shirtsleeves

utahDOG! said...

There is a great movie about a quest to follow (some 40 years later) in the footsteps of climbing legends Yvon Chouinard and Doug Tompkins who ventured by Van (!) along the west coasts of North and South America, to Patagonia. The 2008 trip recreates the quest only by boat. Along the way they stop in Rapa Nui, for an extended stay after losing their boat's mast, to try to work repairs. The footage of the island and their adventures is awesome. The whole story is awesome. Movie Highly recommended. Might get your Easter Island urges flowing...

Much more interesting than spray paint, no matter how 'artistic'! HA!


The Bug said...

I have family members who tell me I should write for a newspaper or publish my poems - as if! These folks are pretty clueless about the real world. But I think you have actual talent. I don't have any advice, except don't give up!

Lynne said...

I don't have any advice for you either except just to keep on enjoying your photography without worrying about a breakthrough to something else. If you start to think the kinds of things you are now thinking about your photography, it may begin to drag you down and take the enjoyment out of it.

Hah! Easy for me to say because I never had any expectations for my photography, I just do it because it makes me happy. :)

Linda Sue said...

Cool art! Sorry the other got painted over but I guess that's the deal with street art. I know what you mean- REALLY, we have the exact same weather. It is 3:30 in the afternoon and dark, wet, socked in. Dexter keeps me from dwelling...
You know, Morocco is pretty close, closer than Easter island- you could pop down there for some shine! I love Morocco,not the cities, the tiny places. AND it can be very affordable if you don't require fancy...I think I have just talked myself into a trip!

Steve Reed said...

Nancy: Thanks! I guess it's kind of like finding a relationship, right? It happens when you stop looking!

Ms Moon: That's exactly it -- the sheer volume of work out there, and so much of it published already! Yeesh.

Ellen: Those are the wisest words I've heard in a while. You're absolutely right. I just have to do my thing.

Kim: There are many places where we need to book passage!

Utahdog: I will check out that movie! It sounds great. How do you find these things?

Bug: I've written for a newspaper. It ain't all that. :)

Lynne: That's a healthy attitude. I was thinking the same thing myself last night. I should just keep doing it for enjoyment and stop trying to make it into something else.

Linda Sue: Having lived in Morocco, I completely agree with you! Dave and I keep talking about going down there. We'll do it one of these days!