Monday, December 10, 2012

Winter Concert

People are so strange. "Hey, I have an idea. Let's combine our ironing business (?) with a party supply store!"

Doesn't it look unbearably steamy in there?

Yesterday was the big holiday concert for the music department at school. I went, as usual, and as usual it was interesting to finally hear the students play the pieces Dave has been talking about for weeks. This year's concert was a bit more of a challenge because it got moved up several weeks on the school calendar -- the students lost three or four weeks of rehearsal time. But they did a good job anyway, tackling some serious music including Handel, Mozart and Shostakovich.

It also gave all the music department teachers (and me) a chance to get together for a pub outing afterwards, which was fun. Not as fun as getting a tattoo at Tattoo Tec, maybe, but you can't have everything.

Yesterday morning was a day of catching up -- on sub reports and payments, on vacuuming, on random household tasks. And today is a teacher planning day at school, so the students aren't there and I haven't had to find any subs. Day off! Woo hoo!


Lynne said...

Happy Day Off!

The dinosaurs seem an unlikely bunch to be paired with the Crystal Palace. Very odd!

By the way, totally OT: We were watching House Hunters International last night since we have a bunch captured in the TiVo and this young couple where looking for a flat in London. They ended up in Shore Ditch and a piece of graffiti that you've photographed before was shown and the woman took a pic of it. Maybe it was in one of your books? It was a detailed rabbit on the side of a building. I said to Rick "Steve's been there!" Kind of a cool connection!

Ms. Moon said...

Drop off your ironing and get party supplies in one fell swoop? What a great idea! (No. You're right. That's pretty strange.)
I'm sure that Dave is relieved the concert is over. Glad it went well.

mouse (aka kimy) said...

maybe next year the music dept will go out and get a tattoo - perhaps each a little note! and together they would be a song....

Steve Reed said...

Lynne: I think I know exactly which piece you mean -- the Roa rabbit, on Hackney Road! It's the first photo in my newest book.

Ms Moon: I guess anytime you can combine errands it's a good thing. I don't really understand ironing anyway. I haven't ironed anything in ages.

Mouse: I should suggest that! LOL!

Lynne said...

Steve, yes, that's the one!

Linda Sue said...

These shops are hilarious and look very uncomfortable , the phone booths, everything about these photos makes me grin broadly- Have you considered ETSY to sell prints?