Saturday, December 15, 2012

Red-Hot Reindeer

I'm not going to write much about what's happened in Connecticut. I just can't. I'm sure I have nothing to say that hasn't already been said, and it's too horrible. I'll just reiterate that we have to do a better job identifying and responding to the needs of people with mental illness or other conditions which make these nightmares possible. We need better gun control, too -- but ultimately we have to take better care of each other.

Dave and I were preparing to go to a Christmas party when we first saw the news. I tried to participate in the dialogue occurring on Facebook, and honestly I just couldn't think of anything to say that would encapsulate the horror and shock I felt. I still can't.

One of Dave's coworkers had a few of us over last night for special holiday "martinis," which really weren't martinis at all but sweet red drinks made with Goldschl├Ąger, cranberry juice and goji berry liqueur. They were certainly festive-looking, but drinks based on appearance are sort of aiming for the wrong criteria, you know? They were really sweet. We tried to think up a name for them and Dave came up with "Ruby Reindeer," which seemed to stick. I suggested "Red-Hot Reindeer," because they tasted just like those little candies known as Red Hots...but Dave's name prevailed. We all dressed up in suits and tuxes and nibbled hors d'oeuvres -- it was quite posh.

I did manage to make my way back to the knife store yesterday morning to pick up Dave's newly sharpened kitchen knife. I should have gone the day before, because although yesterday was slightly warmer it was raining like crazy! Ah, winter.

(Photo: A cafe in Crystal Palace, last weekend.)


  1. I am deeply suspicious of fancy drinks.

  2. Red-hot drink sounds sticky. AND you are so lucky to be out of the States, Insanity prevails. If laws really could be state by state- gun control, marriage for everyone, decriminalization of drugs - along with boycotting war, any war...Washington state would be a most reasonable place to live - ironic that the darkest rainiest sloggiest state would be so progressive and sunshiny! There are more bookstores than churches- 100 to 1, more smart cars than GMC, plastic bags have been banned, organic local food on the grocery shelves, now we are fighting the coal terminal to be built right here! China wants our coal , our "clean"'s all smoke and cinders- AGAIN! so- not perfect but making headway. Help for mentally ill is still a big issue- there is none! So, dear Steve, stay in England as long as you possibly can and then move on to other countries that make better sense than America. Don't come back!

  3. I'm with Ms. Moon -- although champagne with a touch of pomegranate juice (the sour, sour kind) is quite awesome.

    The yellow roof is radiant. There's that.