Saturday, December 29, 2012

More Neighborhood Birds

I went walking near my dad's house yesterday morning and came across this beautiful red-shouldered hawk! Twice he swooped down onto the grass beside the street, grabbed something and took it back up to a tree, where he tore it apart, ate it, and wiped his beak on the branch. He was very neat. I don't know what he was eating -- I'd guess lizards.

This little blue heron was hunched on an island in a pond near my mom's house, keeping an eye on the fish.

We often see bluebirds near my mom's. Growing up, I never saw them. Were we simply not paying attention? Mom says there are more of them nowadays, because people have put up nesting boxes.

This little tufted titmouse was singing away in a tree in front of my dad's house. Dad says he sees a lot of them -- maybe they nest nearby.

This is a catbird, which isn't very distinctive-looking, but has an unusual call that sounds like a meowing feline. Apparently the Native Americans used to call them the Bird that Cries with Grief. I used to see and hear them when I lived in New Jersey, too.


  1. we have a red shouldered hawk that lives nearby. during the drought summer before last he would come drink out of our birdbath. such a majestic bird. we also have tufted titmice usually during the fall and winter. I think they must migrate in the summer. never seen a bluebird down here though I think they have them up in the hill country. and blue herons are one of my all time favorites.

  2. I'm loving the bird pictures. Mike posted some the other day - we LOVE staying at my dad's house because their feeder is right outside the door so he gets some really good shots.

  3. A beautiful selection of birds today!

  4. Great shots! We have a Cooper's hawk who's been hanging around our backyard, apparently picking off birds from our feeder, but he hasn't posed for any pictures.

  5. Wow, you've got a great selection of birds down there! Great shots! I would love to have bluebirds in my yard but alas, we are too high. We are overrun with titmice and I think they are very cute birds. We had a catbird in the bushes under our bedroom window a few years ago that woke us up VERY early each morning. Cute but annoying!!