Thursday, April 4, 2013

A Dog, a Sink and a Brush With Fame

I took a long walk yesterday through North London, from Kensal Rise (which is just north of us) eastward to Golders Green. It was a chilly day and there wasn't much sun, but it was still great to get out, as always.

I found lots of interesting storefronts, like this colorful, nameless hair salon that may or may not still be in business.

And I found some interesting characters, like this guy walking with a huge stuffed dog and a kitchen sink. (As one of my friends said on Facebook, "Maybe the dog needs a bath?")

At the end of my 3.6-mile walk, I hopped on a bus in Golders Green that would take me right back to Notting Hill, practically to my doorstep. Gotta love a good bus system!

I'd already put my camera away when the bus, wheeling through West Hampstead, passed this colorful woman sitting on a wall, smiling beatifically. I recognized her immediately as Camila Batmanghelidjh, a child advocate and charity leader who I've seen on TV several times. It took me a second to retrieve my camera which is why I have only this terrible image. I wish I'd gotten off the bus at the next stop, walked back and asked her for a photo. She looked so terrific and I'm sure she would have said yes. But I was tired and I just couldn't make myself move fast enough!

Oh well. Missed opportunities.

Last night Dave and I went to the Cous Cous Cafe, a tiny Moroccan restaurant near our flat that I've wanted to try. (I posted a photo of it here.) The food was yummy, though maybe a bit expensive. On the way I was stopped by a youth who pointed to my green jacket and said something like, "Do you have anything the color of your jacket?" I had no idea what he was asking me, so he rephrased the question: "Do you smoke grass, man?" I told him I did not and he went on his way. Dave and I wondered if wearing a green jacket sends the wrong signal? Very strange.


  1. How bizarre! The green jacket thing must be a signal because why on earth...?

    I love the colorful lady. That's the way I imagine that I'll dress & then I end up being all boring as usual.

  2. that is very weird. maybe he was told to look for the guy in the green jacket.

    and yes, love the colorful woman.

  3. I feel that you just may have encountered a random cockney geezer. London does make me chuckle!

  4. Green jacket, eh? Who knew?

    After a 3 and a half mile walk, I wouldn't get off the bus either. Nice pic!

  5. 'They' say you get better colors when you shoot on overcast days. Looking at your shots, I believe they are right. And I would definitely keep wearing that green jacket...this could amount to some interesting stories!