Monday, April 22, 2013

Below Us, On The Lawn

I don't have much for you today -- just a photo of the trees below our balcony. The one on the right is a magnolia. The one on the left, I haven't a clue -- some kind of ornamental fruit tree, I suppose. These are its leaves in the fall.

Olga is having some indigestion, perhaps from ingesting a few pieces of a soccer ball. (Or, more likely, sticks from one of her walks.) We're keeping an eye on her.


  1. Oh, Olga! There IS such a thing as too much fiber in one's diet.

  2. Ms. Moon makes me laugh on a regular basis. Ha!

    Pretty trees!

  3. When you say "indigestion" what exactly does this mean? What are her symptoms? Hope she's okay!