Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Off The Hook

Margaret Thatcher's funeral is today at St. Paul's Cathedral, and I'm trying to decide whether I want to go down and spectate. Given what happened in Boston on Monday I'm not sure I could get very close -- the police presence is going to be huge -- but it might be interesting to see who turns out. Thatcher was such a controversial figure there are bound to be some protesters, as well as plenty of dignitaries, on hand. We'll see how ambitious I feel. I might just stay home.

I bought a Romania guidebook on Monday to begin preparing for our trip next week. (To refresh your memory, Dave is taking a student group to a band event and I'm tagging along on my own dime.) I'm really looking forward to this one, almost more than Paris. I'm drawn to unusual destinations! It seems like there's plenty to do and see in Bucharest, which is where we'll be, but I hope to get out into the countryside a bit as well. It all depends on the ease and speed of train travel.

Remember that lingering web site project I was supposed to do for my former boss? Well, I've been dragging my feet, and a few days ago I finally wrote her and told her it wasn't likely I was going to get to it. I just have too much going on here -- my substitute scheduling job for the school, Olga, photography. My life has moved on, you know? I felt really guilty about it, but she wrote me back and said she's actually quit the site herself, so I'm completely off the hook. Whew! We both had a lot of misgivings about the project from the beginning, and the compensation is not commensurate with the workload. I'm glad to be free of it.

I wish we could get some answers about Boston. I know this is likely to take a very long time to sort out, just like the Atlanta Olympics bombing or the Unabomber, but at the risk of sounding like Veruca Salt, I want to know NOW!

(Photo: Window washers in Notting Hill, on Monday.)


  1. How in the world do you get this amazing photographs? That man looks like he was arranged to dress like that and stand right there to make the perfect shot!

    I look forward to your Romania posts -- I have no idea what it looks like or, really, what it's all about there --

  2. Yes. Elizabeth is right. That photo is stunning. One of my favorites of yours ever. So far.
    Romania? What I know about Romania is...nothing.
    You will teach me more!

  3. I think I would be more excited by Bucharest than Paris too. I've never been to Paris but I could tell you all about the sights, etc. I could not tell you a thing about Bucharest. Maybe that's why I'm not interested in going to Paris because I already know so much about it.

    re the Boston bombing. I imagine it is homegrown terrorism rather than any of the Al Qaeda wannabes. they always take credit for it right away. Only American terrorists don't take credit.

  4. I don't know - I don't think I like the idea of you showing up for the funeral - but I'd love to see any pictures you'd get.

    Can't wait to hear what's what in Romania!

  5. A good colour picture.

    Sometimes waiting is a good option: time passes, people and situations change without the need for our action. I think there's a Zen philosophy about inaction. Or a blank rune. It's all the same thing really: playing for time can sometimes be quite a useful strategy.

  6. Color coordinated window washer, step right up! Love the photo!!

    Romania, how very cool. Rick went to Bucharest two years ago because part of the founding fathers of the company he works for are there. He came back with photos that made my fingers itch! I would love to go.

    One thing that he did that was very interesting was the Village Museum
    which is an outdoor museum with all kinds of buildings (old houses, etc.). It looked fantastic.

    He said it's a big city and you can't walk everywhere but their tram system is good.

  7. 1. Glad you're off the hook for that project. There's nothing quite like laying down one's burden.

    2. I can imagine the logistics of simply moving around will be a nightmare at the funeral.

    3. Romania? Wow!

    4. I wonder if they used Blue Painter's Tape on those buildings.

  8. Elizabeth: Timing and luck! These houses are across the street from our flat. I went outside with the dog and saw this guy washing the windows, and I ran back inside, abandoned the disappointed dog and grabbed the camera!

    Ms Moon: I don't know squat about Romania either. Which is why this should be interesting!

    Ellen: I know what you mean, but don't write off Paris entirely. There are unusual places and distractions in any city.

    Bug: As you will see today, I didn't go. Just couldn't muster the energy.

    Peter: You're right, and certainly in an important criminal investigation, it's better that things be done slowly and correctly. It's just the impatient side of me wanting answers.

    Lynne: Thanks for the tip! My guidebook mentioned that museum, too. I will definitely have to check it out.

    Nancy: Indeed, it feels great to put that project behind me. As for painter's tape, some of these structures are so precisely painted I can't help but think they tape them. I'm glad they didn't leave it up, though, because blue would have detracted from that color combination!