Saturday, May 25, 2013

A Few Selfies

When our neighbor Chris came over on Monday, he left me with a photography book that includes many self-portraits by famous photographers. I finally got a chance to look through the book yesterday, and it inspired me to try some selfies of my own.

So here I am, in portraits necessarily taken in the bathroom, because that's the location of the only decent-sized square mirror in the house.

We have a very uninteresting medicine cabinet -- mostly empty except for Dave's collection of expired nasal sprays and ear drops. (We really do need to throw those out.) I am fortunate enough, for now anyway, to take no pharmaceuticals, except the odd aspirin or Tums. I do have quite a stash of Tums, as you can see.

Then I got to thinking about that little round make-up mirror attached to the big one, and trying to use that in a self-portrait. I know, I look a little wild-eyed and Charles Manson-ish, but I promise I am not dangerous.

It was incredibly challenging to frame the image and focus the camera, while looking through the viewfinder, and then move myself to what I thought was the best position to be reflected back -- without moving the camera. Sheesh.

I probably won't wind up in a book of self-portraits anytime soon. But it was fun to make the attempt.

Hello, world!


Lynne said...

Love these, Steve! Look at you! My favorite is the "Charles Manson" shot, but I can see the kindness in that eye. :) Given how hard that shot was to do I think it came out great.

e said...

I think these are wonderful...and you don't look anything like Charles Manson!

Linda Sue said...

Totally love the second photo! You do not resemble Manson in any way-

Peter Bryenton said...

It was worth wrestling the laws of optics Steve.

37paddington said...

I love these! It's great to see you for a change. Would love to see more selfies from you. You have an utterly engaging face.

Steve Reed said...

Lynne: Thanks! I have another one with my entire face in the circular mirror, but it looks TOO weird -- like a big head on a tiny body.

E: Yeah, he had more hair. :)

Linda Sue: See above!

Peter: Thanks! It was a bit of a wrestle. Let's just say I'm glad I'm not shooting film anymore.

Angella: Thanks! I actually make it something of a policy NOT to put photos of myself on the blog. Why, I am not sure. I guess I think people hear enough from me without having to see me too. :)

Elizabeth said...

That's a very cool shot -- and I agree with the others that your face is handsome and kind. Take some more!