Friday, May 3, 2013


I am trying to leave Olga alone a bit more often, so she gets used to being home by herself. I don't leave her for very long -- no more than a few hours -- but we think she needs to build up a comfort level with being solitary. After all, if I get this full-time job, she'll be left alone for a good part of the day, probably with a dog-walker coming in to care for her.

So yesterday, after taking her for a good long morning walk, I left her at home and went to the Natural History Museum, where there's an exhibit of photos by Sebastiao Salgado called "Genesis." Salgado traveled to some of the world's most isolated places, like the jungles on the border of Brazil and Venezuela, or islands in the South Atlantic that are home to penguins and elephant seals and not much else. His photographs of those locales are meant to show how big the world still is, and how much is relatively undisturbed and deserves protection.

It was an interesting exhibit. I spent a couple hours there, and took photos on the way there and the way back. I must say, it was nice to get out without the dog. And it was another stunningly beautiful day, weather-wise. This is our reward for persevering through the dreaded English winter -- the warm, lovely English spring.

(Photos: A red-haired, red-shoed woman walked in front of me for a short distance in Kensington.)


  1. I loved both of those photos -- the light in them is so beautiful. And there is such a difference in these "spring" shots -- compared to all the ones you took during the winter -- you've captured the weather so beautifully.

  2. What a beautiful street! At first I thought the pics were from Bucharest.

    So, I'm kind of surprised that you're allowed to work in the UK. Maybe it's different than the countries we've lived in or times have changed because I was not allowed to work (not having any professional specialty) because I would be taking away the job of a citizen. Work permits were really hard to come by.

    And yes, you definitely have to take full advantage of glorious weather when it's happening!

  3. Man, I love those photos. Do you suppose the woman knew her shoes were the exact shade of red as her hair? I love the way her body inhabits the dress. I love the sleevelessness of it. She is letting the sun touch her arms.

  4. I love the 1st picture - the winding lane, the red haired woman & Olga :)

  5. What quaint and beautiful streets; there aren't many like it in America. Would love to be in your shoes for a while.

  6. Elizabeth: Things have changed so dramatically in just the past few weeks. I couldn't NOT capture the difference.

    Lynne: I have a visa that allows me to work. Why this is, I have no idea! We just did what the school told us paperwork-wise. It's a good thing, though. :)

    Ms Moon: That woman had great presence! She really radiates spring.

    Bug: I love that photo too. Actually, that's not Olga! It's just some random black and white dog that disappeared as quickly as it came.

  7. I love that her shoes match her hair!

  8. the photos are outstanding! what a beautiful street and i love the moment of it that you captured.

  9. Second photo worth entering into The Whole Story album at EyeEm.