Thursday, May 23, 2013

Disney Rip-Offs and Back-Pocket Beers

This shop on Queensway cracks me up. It doesn't have much character, but look at that sign! Are the Walt Disney people aware of this place?

When I walked Olga this morning it was 45º F. I hope we're not destined to have another summer-that-wasn't. Last year we had a few nice days at the beginning of spring and then got socked with three or four months of cold and rain. Please, Lord -- I know I don't pray to you often -- but please deliver us from that.

Yesterday I took the tube down to South Bank to take some people photos. I got some OK shots wandering around Westminster Bridge and the London Eye, but nothing that really blew me away. Maybe I'll share a few of them sometime soon. On the way to the tube, this guy was walking in front of me in Notting Hill...

...with a full litre of Skol super-strong lager (alcohol 9 percent!) in his back pockets.  Now that is preparation. He was drinking a third can. It was approximately 1 p.m.

Today I have an interview for that full-time position at school I mentioned several weeks ago. Keep your fingers crossed!


37paddington said...

All the best for your interview!

Lynne said...

Good luck on the interview!

And, I hope that guy doesn't sit down with his beer in his pockets, but by the sound of it he'll have then drunk in no time.

Ms. Moon said...

Clever monkeys, those shoe people! And the guy with the pockets-full of beer.
And good, good luck with your interview, Steve!

e said...

I hope the interview goes well!

Linda Sue said...

I wonder if those Disney knock off shoes can sing and dance on their own. I see a law suit in their future.That guy with full pockets can not sit down until all of the beers are gone, and then he probably will not be able to anything but. Great use of pockets. Fingers crossed- interviews so un-nerve! You are probably much cooler than I could ever be- always blown interviews- terrifying. Good luck.

Nancy said...

Finally, I can say of a guy, "Nice cans!"

Fingers crossed for your interview.

ellen abbott said...

seems to me that last beer would be hot by the time he got to it but maybe he likes it that way.

Steve Reed said...

Angella: Thanks! :)

Lynne: Yeah, I think drinking them in short order is definitely the plan.

Ms Moon: I don't know. Is Disney a selling point for shoes? Glass slippers, maybe?

E: Thanks!

Linda Sue: Yeah, I think legal action is definitely in their future.

Nancy: LOL! I didn't even think of that one. :)

Ellen: I think temperature is probably unimportant. :)

Photokismet said...

Doing some 'catch up' here and that guy is a hoot! Hope he doesn't fall on his cans!