Thursday, May 16, 2013

Short Items

-- I did give serious consideration to posting my unedited Dr. Joyce Brothers article, as one reader requested. I looked yesterday to see if I still have it, and of course I do, tucked away in a yellowed manila folder. (I saved a printout along with the published clip.) But on rereading it I decided putting it on the blog is just a step too far. It reads well but it's a little long for this format and it quotes people who for all I know aren't even alive anymore. (Like Dr. Joyce Brothers!) Sometimes it's best to let old battles fade away, you know?

-- Anyone who reads my blog knows I am an Obama fan. But I'm disappointed by the recent revelations of the Justice Department investigations into reporters' phone records. Benghazi is not a legitimate scandal and the monkey business at the IRS seems clearly the result of some clueless lower-level person misapplying the rules. But Obama's administration has fostered a hostility towards internal news leaks that seems uncharacteristic of this president and his goals. (I disagreed with someone on Facebook about whether these latest issues are "Nixonian." I don't think they're as severe as anything Nixon did, certainly, but I think they stem from the same fears and concerns about criticism, and contribute to a "Nixonian" climate.) News leaks are an essential part of the checks and balances of Democracy.

-- I have been meaning to link to my photo sets on Flickr from Paris and Bucharest. It took me a while to get all the pictures uploaded, but they're there now, in case you want to browse beyond what I posted here.

-- I learned something new about collard greens. (Or simply greens, as they're known in England. Somehow the collard got lost on its way across the Atlantic.) They can be stir-fried! I guess this shouldn't be surprising, but I'd suspected they might be too leathery. Having grown up in the South, I always resorted to boiling them; in fact they're probably the only green vegetable I ever boil. I bought some the other day at Tesco, though, and the package advised stir-frying. I tried it, and it's yummy. Recommended!

-- I have not seen any of Pat's children in a week or so, especially after the windy rainstorms that passed through several days ago. I wonder if they've all been blown to the four corners of our housing estate? (I suppose that's what's supposed to happen, right?)

(Photo: Wisteria on Portobello Road, on Tuesday.)


  1. Look at that wisteria! What a joy to the eyes! And someone has to work hard to keep it from overtaking the entire building.
    I don't know what to think about the latest political crap. I just don't know.

  2. I'll take your word for it on the collards. Most greens taste too bitter to me - about the only green I can really tolerate is spinach. Although in Zambia I ate rape & liked it - wonder if we have any of that over here? (& wouldn't it be a hoot if it was really a different name for collards - ha!)

    I'm about back to my pre-Obama disgust with all politics. I think I'm going to unsubscribe from the Maddow Blog & just bury my head in the sand until the next election.

  3. Oh, that wisteria is so beautiful! I love wisteria. Here it grows wild. I've been meaning to go down to the pond and get some photos of it and today might just be the day--the sun is out!

    I hope some of Pat's children show up for you, otherwise your balcony will be a lonely place. I am hoping something from Charlotte survived.

  4. I wish even half the population of the world was as sane and intelligent as you. This would be a very different world.

  5. I bet that wisteria smells divine.

    As for greens, mustards are my fave. Collards, as you pointed out, are just to thick and chewy.

  6. I agree with you about the latest political crap and hope that it's resolved appropriately. I maintain that it's never wrong to disagree with one's president -- and still be supportive. Being blindly supportive of anyone is ridiculous.

  7. collard leaves also make really great wraps if you're ever feeling adventurous and want a new food vehicle.

  8. Can't tell you how much your pictures impress me 'cept to say I am eager to see them and read about your activities; your style amuses me. One funny snippet of the DoJ warrant for the AP reporter states that he enticed the source of the leak with flattery, and played up to his vanity and ego. Oh my...