Sunday, May 26, 2013

Olga Takes a Plunge

Olga and I went for a long walk along the canal yesterday morning. We walked west, away from the city, and into an aging industrial area where there weren't many pedestrians. I spent part of the walk experimenting with HDR photography of the old brick buildings. HDR compiles multiple images taken at different exposures together to form one image with a much more extensive range of light. It allowed me to capture more color and detail in the buildings, water and sky.

Olga livened things up by falling into the water, head first. I'm not sure she'd ever been swimming before. She sank like a stone before instinct kicked in and she dog-paddled to the surface, a panicked look on her face. Meanwhile I shucked my shoes and camera in order to jump in and rescue her. I was able to lean over the seawall and grab her by the harness to pull her out.

Maybe she'll think twice now about getting too close to the edge. But probably not.


e said...

Olga is such a funny pup---all these first time experiences must keep her puppy mind constantly churning. Your photos are very vivid and yes, my photo was where you thought it was.

If you get here and want to do a road trip to Ms. Moon's, I'm in...

Reya Mellicker said...

Probably not.

Jake leapt out onto a frozen lake one time (because there were geese walking around. But he was a big guy and broke through. He was on a leash so I hauled him to the surface and lifted him out with my superhuman strength. Oh the adrenalin! He was flipped out and frozen, I was just flipped out. It took an hour to wash the goose poo off him but I think the long warm bath was really good.

Dogs. Good lord.

Great photos of the buildings. HDR on the iphone just saturates the images even further, something never needed on the iphone.

My old camera is giving out. I'm thinking of upgrading but worried that I won't always take the camera with me if it's too valuable. Looking at the small ones with super zooms and a high capacity to shoot in low light. They aren't cheap, but it might be time.

Reya Mellicker said...

Sorry - that was more like an email than a comment!

Reya Mellicker said...

Miss you

Nancy said...

At first glance, I thought it said, Olga Takes the Plunge. You don't strike me as someone who has wedding ceremonies for his pets, and I was glad when I opened the link and didn't see Olga in a white veil.

Poor Olga! I hope she's not traumatized by her accidental dive.

Elizabeth said...

Olga, Olga, Olga. And Nancy's comment cracked me up. Perhaps you could put a veil on Olga and take a photo?

Steve Reed said...

E: Alas, between Tampa and Jacksonville, I think my time in Florida is pretty much spoken for. Lots of family activity at the moment!

Reya: That story about Jake is SCARY. Dogs do really embrace life, don't they? Sometimes to a fault! As for the camera, you know the advice -- buy the best you can afford. Miss you too. :)

Nancy: Ha! Olga would EAT a bridal veil.

Elizabeth: I'm not sure Olga is the marrying kind. :)

Photokismet said...

HDR is fun stuff...the outcome is always interesting. Poor and learn or maybe not...probably not!