Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Brazil, Two Ways

Yesterday was a "bank holiday," one of those nameless, purposeless holidays that the English have worked into their calendars. (And thank goodness for that.) The weather was great, and since Dave volunteered to take over primary Olga duty, I took a long walk through East London.

I specifically wanted to see Roa's newest wall, but after riding all the way across the city on the tube and navigating tiny back streets, I found it blocked by a moving van. *sigh*

So that will have to wait.

But I found lots of other neat storefronts, street scenes and pieces of street art. London is such a photogenic city.

Last night, inspired by "The Stepford Wives," we watched the movie adaptation of another Ira Levin novel, "The Boys From Brazil." Also very entertaining! I watched it so many times as a kid that I remember some of the lines. Possibly Gregory Peck's only evil role.

Dave and I are trying to make our plans for the summer. I need to go back to Florida for a bit, and Dave has a conference in Las Vegas, of all places. (I'm skipping that one!) Aside from those two outings and some brief commitments here in London, we have a few weeks free, so we're thinking about our travel options. We're leaning toward Turkey. We were also considering Brazil and Argentina, but that seems like too much to take on at the moment -- and Brazil has been on my "bucket list" for so long that I'm actually a little weirded out by the idea of going. What would I do then? Kick the bucket?

(Photos: Decrepit shopfronts in Shoreditch, yesterday.)


  1. naw, don't kick that bucket. go to turkey and tell me about it! okay, just being selfish. but keep that bucket filled. even if you take brazil out of that bucket, make sure it still holds other dreams.

  2. Turkey sounds intriguing...

  3. You're not ready to kick the bucket yet, so go for the Turkish Delight.

  4. I say go to all the places! Well, maybe not ALL of them - but really how can you go wronge picking any of them?

  5. I feel the same way about going to Greece. Once I've done it- what's left?
    I hear Turkey is amazing.

  6. "Kick the bucket"....good one! My bucket list is so long, the bucket is overflowing. Go to Turkey...eat the food, drink the wine, dance and enjoy!

  7. Go to whichever one speaks to you the most. As for emptying the bucket, there is always another trip to add to that bucket. Always.

    And you are not "kicking the bucket" anytime soon!

  8. My vote is for Turkey.

    And wasn't Gregory Peck a bad guy in that Hitchcock movie with Ingrid Bergman?