Friday, May 17, 2013

Off-Leash, On The Canal

I've found a great exercise spot for Olga -- the Grand Union Canal.

It's not new to us. I've taken her there many times. But only lately have I been letting her off-leash, which she loves, and she's been great. She plays with sticks and chases ducks and eats grass and rolls around and runs, runs, runs. And she happily comes back when I call her.

What a relief. I love setting her free. She has a lot more fun that way, and so do I.

She has a very good sense of what to do and not to do, and she plays well with the other dogs we encounter. Not to mention people -- she doesn't chase bicyclists or small children.

So while she zippers up and down the towpath, I can take pictures!

But here's the best thing about the canal, at least from Olga's point of view...



  1. That looks like a great place to exercise a dog! Our dogs love being off leash and they certainly get more exercise that way, plus I don't have to contend with them pulling on their leads. Pigeons + Olga = Perfect!

    Is this close to your flat? I love all the colorful houseboats and they must make good subjects for your camera!

  2. How perfect! Olga is really a very lovely part of your family now, isn't she?

  3. How wonderful for you both and I love the photos, too.

  4. The chick in purple is totally owning her piece of the universe. I love it!

  5. What's with all the little house boats?

    I read back when we first got our boxer a little book on training your dog. about the only thing that stuck with me was how to train them to come back when you let them off the leash. It said to let them off, then call them back three or four times over a period of a half hour or so for 'good dog' and petting and generally letting the dog know they did good. Then when you are ready to go and put the leash back on, they will come right away. If you let the dog off the leash and only call it back to put the leash back on, they quickly realize that being called back is the end of the fun and won't come when you need them to.

  6. love all of these pictures! it's a shame we live in different countries because i feel like our dogs could be great playmates.

  7. You and Olga really seem to understand each other. She sure has a lot of personality!