Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Portobello People

Our nice spring weather has subsided, at least for the moment. It's 45º F out there right now, and windy as all get-out. Our plants have been taking a beating on the balcony.

I bet these folks are glad they got their Portobello Road shopping done a day or two ago, when it was relatively balmy.

I wish I had more to say, but yesterday Olga and I basically stayed inside while it rained and blew. I did venture out in the afternoon to buy copy paper so I could print some Eurostar tickets -- I'm going back to Paris later this month on a day trip to meet with my friend Katherine, who's visiting there from New York. Should be fun!


  1. These shots are terrific but that last one with the lady with the shoes and tattoos (?)...oh my.
    I hope you get your spring weather back soon. It is still chilly here, too, and we are in constant amazement.

  2. Wonderful pics. I love the red socks on the guy with the vase.

    I hope the weather improves. It was 40 F. in DC this morning, but will be 85 F. this afternoon. Weather whiplash is so unpleasant.

  3. wonderful bunch! i can't decide who's my favorite but the guy with the vase is a hoot.

  4. I'm kind of speechless about the guy with the vase (or as he is in my mind, "The Man in an Inexplicable Vest!")...

  5. I really enjoyed seeing these candid people shots. Such colorful people you found to photograph.

  6. These are just great! This coming Saturday, barring anything unexpected, I have a trip planned to Englishtown Market. After seeing these, I'm definitely taking my camera!!!

  7. i just started reading your blog about a month or so ago...i love it!

  8. Your crisp photos are certainly much brighter and more pleasing than the current crap weather.

  9. What Peter said- also wondering where that saying came from "all get out"... It's an old phrase my parents used and I am old enough to be your mom so you using that phrase just cracks me up!
    sorry about the unpredictable weather- seems to be the trend. after a grey cold wet winter spring can not come fast enough- summer, whatever other season we are supposed to be sun here for a few days.

  10. I enjoyed these photos -- particularly the flowers growing up the woman's ankles.

  11. Ms Moon: Yeah, what is up with those tattoos??

    Reya: I like the vase guy's socks, too. They make the outfit.

    Angella: I find that if I'm questioning whether someone is worth photographing, I should skip it. The people who are worth it are so OBVIOUS. Like vase guy!

    Bug: Or "waistcoat," as they would say here...

    Sharon: It's a colorful neighborhood!

    Helene: I can't wait to see the results!

    Vivian: Thanks! Welcome! :)

    Peter: Yeah, this weather has been terrible. Today looks like an improvement, though.

    Linda Sue: I don't know where I picked that up. I'm not sure anyone else in my family says it. It might have come from my babysitter in Florida when I was a kid.

    Elizabeth: Definitely a tattoo faux-pas, in my book!