Tuesday, July 2, 2013

That Peter, Paul & Mary Song

Well, there were no zombies yesterday after all.

We took Olga to the vet and she was anesthetized so the doctor could examine her digestive tract for the offending stick. But even after an x-ray and abdominal palpation, its location is a mystery. I'm sure it's still in there -- in fact she's had even more bleeding, and I'm concerned the vet may have made things worse. Poor Olga had a rough evening coming down from the anesthetic. She clearly doesn't feel well and hasn't had anything to eat or drink. She's going back to the vet to follow up this morning.

I won't be going with her, beause I'm Leaving on a Jet Plane. What are the odds that our dog would fall apart just as I'm supposed to fly to Florida? Fortunately, Dave is here to care for her, but I hate leaving him with all the responsibility.

I am ready for the trip, dog issues aside. I'm looking forward to seeing the family. I plan to keep blogging from the Sunshine State.

(Photo: One from the archives, New York, August 2010. And yes, I realize that "Leaving on a Jet Plane" is technically a John Denver song, but PP&M certainly made it famous!)


Lynne said...

What an appropriate piece of graffiti! Safe travels, Steve!

Poor Olga. Sometimes x-ray doesn't show things but you would think her intestines would be full of gas at either end of the stick (so to speak) and that would show. I hope it didn't perforate her intestinal wall.

Normally they would do a barium test to see where the obstruction is but they might not want to move the stick further.

Fingers crossed and sending good thoughts across the pond to her.

We'll see you on the flip side!

Ms. Moon said...

If you're passing nearby Lloyd, let me know.
Save travels to you and may Dave and Olga be well and happy when you return.

ellen abbott said...

have a good trip. hope the vet finds that stick.

Anonymous said...

I believe Olga has maxed out the 'event' quota so hope your travel is uneventful!

The Bug said...

Have fun!

Wayne said...

I'm sure they'll get to the root of Olga's troubles. It's never nice caring for ill dogs.

I am so jealous of you fleeing this gloomy summer and heading off to the sunshine state. Take me with you! I beg you.

We're thinking of Florida next year ..... make sure you post lots!

e said...

Sending good thoughts to Dave and Olga...See you soon.

Lorianne said...

I'm sorry to hear about Olga. Strangely enough, I just got back from a quick weekend trip to visit family in Ohio, during which time J stayed home to tend to two ailing pets.

God bless the creatures and their caretakers. :-)

Nancy said...

I feel a sense of comfort knowing that I'll be on top of you... you know, because Georgia is on top of Florida. Ha! I'm so clever.

Safe travels, and GET WELL to Olga.

37paddington said...

Safe travels, Steve. Hope Olga feels better soon.