Sunday, November 24, 2013

Attack Cats and Zombies

Here are Wabi, Sabi and Bobby, standing sentinel in our living room, with the shadow of our avocado plant projected onto the wall by the morning sun. Olga is terrified of those cats. She circles them suspiciously and God forbid any of us should ever bump them or make them move. She'll put her tail between her legs and leap onto the couch in full retreat.

It's funny, because she's not afraid of real cats at all. I guess these look just enough like animals that they make her wary, but she can't quite figure them out.

I took Olga for a long walk in the park yesterday, beneath a brilliant blue sky and deep yellow and gold trees that stand just at the brink of shedding the rest of their fall foliage. When we got home I was forced to eat peanut butter crackers for lunch, because we had no food, but then Dave came home (he had to work yesterday morning) bearing groceries, bless him. In the afternoon we watched "Return of the Jedi" and "In Bruges." The latter was really great -- dark but funny in a twisted way, and it made Bruges look beautiful. Now I'm thinking we need to go there some weekend.

I'm going to try to get out on the town a bit today.

See how eclectic we are at the library? This shelf cracks me up. I also laughed out loud on Friday when I found a book in the catalog called "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies : The Classic Regency Romance, Now with Ultraviolent Zombie Mayhem"!

I'm glad I can find humor in my job.


JennieB said...

Bruges has postcard perfect photos at every turn. A very pretty town.

Ms. Moon said...

I think my husband played basketball in Bruges. I need to check on that. He was married to his first wife when he played ball in Europe. I sometimes get jealous, thinking about that.
Ah well. I got his babies.
My goodness, this comment has evolved into something else.
I love the picture of the cats and the avocado tree shadow. How funny that Olga is afraid of the cats. Maybe she thinks they are gods.

Sharon said...

I was laughing out loud at the story about Olga and the three cats.
I loved the movie In Bruges. I visited Bruges sometime back in the 90's and have wanted to go back ever since. Do go, it's such a beautiful place. I think you would love it.

Reya Mellicker said...

I love your job, or at least the stories you share with us.

The cats must radiate a strange energy. I'm sure that's why Olga is reacting to. Poor thing.

Linda Sue said...

Juxtaposed literature is hilarious combo! And your Wabi, Sabi and Bobby really made my day! They look totally confused and freaked out to be in existence at all ! Olga should be suspicious.
I Bruges inspired me also! That was going to be my next trip but then I talked with a friend who just returned and apparently everyone else has been inspired as well. Anyway, loved the film and have seen it three times! Love the shot of shadow and cats!

The Bug said...

I think those cats ARE gods & Olga is quite correct in being afraid of them. The question we should be asking is why aren't you & Dave afraid? :)

ellen abbott said...

my cat does not like other animals, especially other cats. my sister was caring for her at her house once when we were out of town. she has a not quite life size ceramic cat that sat on the floor. Emma, the cat, walked past and did the arched back hissy fit at it.

Lynne said...

I like your cats but I can see where Olga might be a little bit skeptical. LOVE the shadow and the pic!

Bruges is beautiful. You should definitely go.