Monday, November 18, 2013

Here We Go Again

I went to Covent Garden yesterday morning and found all the Christmas decorations up, and the window of The Globe pub painted in a cheery "First Noel" theme. I'm sure it is the First Noel -- because it's still mid-November!

I know this is a common complaint, but Christmas seems more and more rushed every year. Decorations went up on Portobello Road a couple of weeks ago. I don't think I can reasonably be expected to think about Christmas until after Thanksgiving.

Then again, the English don't really do Thanksgiving, so I guess they don't have that same psychological barrier.

They apparently do have Rudolph, though. A very muscular, Martian Rudolph.

Dave and I went to the John Lewis department store on Oxford Street yesterday to buy a few little things for the flat. We got a new bathmat (as previously mentioned), a new mat for the balcony doorway and a new toilet brush. Well, you asked. (I'm assuming you asked.)

We had lunch in the cafe at the store -- a sandwich of tuna salad made with sweet corn for me. We thought it a rather odd combination but not bad. I like department store restaurants. I always regretted never going to the Suncoast Restaurant at Maas Brothers when I was growing up in Tampa -- the radio advertisements made it sound so stylish. Now Maas Brothers is long gone, as is the Suncoast Restaurant.

Anyway, I'm trying not to think about Christmas too much yet, decorations or no.


Lynne said...

I know exactly what you mean. Here they are playing Christmas music in all the stores and they are decorated. In fact, as soon as Halloween was over Christmas stuff started to appear. I can't think about Christmas until Thanksgiving is over either, and by then there isn't much time to shop. I have always thought they should insert another month in-between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Ah, Maas Bros! What a treat it was when my Mom took me shopping for clothes there. We went to the one in Clearwater.

Love this photo! Where they stencils or just stick-on?

Ms. Moon said...

Do you remember Rheinhaur's? Probably not. Anyway, they had The Birdcage Tea Room. Oh my god. I went there exactly once and was very aware of having to mind my P's and Q's.
I HATE this early Christmas shit, as you know, but that Pub's decorations are just vintagey enough to make me smile.
I will make no remark about the Rudolph.

Lynne said...

Speaking of restaurants (but not in a department store!) -- is the Kapok Tree Inn still in business??

utahDOG! said...

There should be a law against jumping the gun on holidays.

Sharon said...

I missed the Globe window but I did snap a shot of that muscular Rudolph with his glowing nose. I had dinner one night right on the other side of Rudolph at the Jamie Oliver/Chris Bianco pizza place. Chris Bianco is from Phoenix and in fact, lives right around the corner from me. I wanted to see if the pizza was similar to those he serves here and they were.
I will probably post a couple of London photos on my blog and I'll slowly post some on Flickr but I'll probably post the most on my Sharon's Sojourns site. I downloaded them early this morning, all 1055. It will take me a little while to do the editing.

Nancy said...

That is one helluva Rudolph. But what do we expect, guiding Santa's sleigh and all.

I agree, though. Christmas before Thanksgiving is just as awkward as watermelon before the 4th. But... how about this? Watermelon (keep an open mind now) for Thanksgiving! Huh?

Vivian said...

I love Christmas music, decorations and the whole idea of red and green. i know i am a freak...but oh well it is just me.
oh and the Christmas parties, food and getting to love on family i haven't seen in a very long time.

Linda Sue said...

Time is flying by - I do not know how October came and went so quickly so I don't mind that the christmas frenzy has already started, it will be over quickly also. I will say that christmas music makes me leave shops in a hurry and I travel with ear plugs- christmas music is so bad!
Good job- shopping for essentials - sensible guys.

Photokismet said...

It's too soon! Way too soon! George Street in New Brunswick NJ already has their lighted snowflakes draped across the street, lamp post to lamp post. And tonight they were all lit up! And re. dept. store fave is Macy's New York City. They have a great menu with items specifically for two people to share and the prices are reasonable. And great photo despite the fact that it is really too soon...LOL

Steve Reed said...

Lynne: Yeah, I think I began to see Christmas stuff here almost as soon as Halloween passed. Maas Brothers was a great store! My mom used to buy a lot of her clothes there as well. No, the Kapok Tree is long gone, sadly -- it closed some time in the '90s, I believe.

Ms Moon: I do remember Rheinaur's, or at least the name. I don't think I ever went inside! I got the impression it was kind of old-ladyish.

Utah: Agreed. THAT's the kind of gun control the whole nation could get behind!

Sharon: I'll be watching for your photos! I went to one of those Oliver/Bianco places too, in St. Giles. Good food!

Nancy: LOL! I'm not seeing it.

Vivian: The thing is, I like it too -- but only at the appropriate time of year, which begins around Dec. 1!

Linda Sue: Yeah, we're pretty pragmatic shoppers. Time IS flying, I agree with you there.

Helene: Ah yes, George Street! I've never been to the Macy's restaurant, but I did go to Bloomingdales, which I liked.

Elizabeth said...

I swear to you that the big box stores like Target had a section of the store for Halloween crap and one for Christmas -- in October! It's repellent, particularly since it will be followed by the annual right wing hysteria over the "war on Christmas." I agree with Ms. Moon, though, that your shop window is adorable -- and department store restaurants are the best.