Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Even More Ancient History

I've mentioned before how I used to road-trip down to Highlands County, Florida, from my former home in Tampa. Here are a few shots, scanned from film negatives, from a trip I took there with my friend Suzanne in February 1986.

Above, shuffleboard players in Sebring. Do people still play shuffleboard? It was a big thing back then with the retired folks. The courts would be packed.

Every once in a while I come across a photo and think, "What was I looking at?!" This photo taken on the shore of Lake Reedy in Frostproof is a good example. Did I like the tree? The laundry? Did the camera misfire?

There's a circular park in the heart of downtown Sebring, with a big flagpole in the center. The kid climbing on that wall around the flagpole would be in his/her 30s by now. Time flies! Two years later, in this same location, I took a photo of the wall of the Circle Restaurant.

Finally, here's an old house that I always liked, located just north of Frostproof on a hill overlooking Lake Moody. I had fantasies of buying and renovating it! Fortunately, it's still standing -- at least according to Google Streetview -- and it looks much better now than it did back then.

Apropos of nothing and just to brighten your day, I will link to this Streetview photo of a poinciana tree located near that same house. I love a nice poinciana. Needless to say, we don't see those in London!


Lynne said...

Ah, Steve, I'd never thought I'd say this but your photos are making me nostalgic for Florida!

DO people still play shuffleboard? Good question. It was certainly the thing to do for retirees. Just look at the huge court!

And, I like the laundry in that one photo. ;)

Ms. Moon said...

Actually, I think that in some parts of Florida, shuffleboard is making a comeback. It's become sort of a hipster thing to do. Crazy, right?
I LOVE that old house. You knew I would though.
That poinciana tree is spectacular.
Have you guys ever seen the movie "Away We Go" with John Kransinski and Maya Rudolph? Not only is it a fabulous movie but part of it is filmed in Florida and the ending scene has a house in it which is like my house's twin, at least on the inside. It's almost creepy. Anyway, I think you would like it.

ellen abbott said...

What a great house! I love poincianas and wish they grew here. Don't know why they don't as our winters are fairly mild.

The Bug said...

Gorgeous tree! In February 1986 I was in my senior year of college in western NC & wondering if I would be accepted into the mission program that ultimately sent me to Zambia :)

Anonymous said...

What a fun post with neat photos! I just bought a scanner after not having one for years. This new model scans photos as well as slides and negatives. I have two big boxes of slides I haven't seen in years...a project waiting for a rainy or snowy day to tackle.