Saturday, November 16, 2013

Only in England

Yesterday morning, while walking Olga, I found a British Airways boarding pass for a Lord lying on the street.

At first, I thought it was for a man named Lord. It actually said Lord So-and-so on it, and if someone can name a baby Messiah I don't see why they couldn't name one Lord. But I looked this guy up, and Lord is his title -- well, he's an Earl, but Lord is the appropriate term of address.

I found it amusing that he used his title on his airline reservation. Maybe he gets better treatment if British Airways knows who he is. He flew coach, New York to London, seat 29 K. Which I think is a window.

(Note to Lord So-and-so: Buy a shredder.)

Things are quiet around here this weekend, which Dave and I are very excited about. We have no obligations at all. I just want to read and clean the house and walk the dog and maybe take a photography walk today or tomorrow. Even better: No rain!

(Photo: Birmingham, last weekend.)


Elizabeth said...

Your photos really are quite stunning -- all that detail that would be a blur to most people, and you manage to illuminate it. And I love the Lord story. Good Lord.

Ms. Moon said...

There is always a story in your photos. Plenty of detail and yet...mystery.
I hope you have a very good weekend.

My Corner of the world said...

your interesting. I like the way you write and the photos you post:) Have a wonderful weekend.

37paddington said...

Don't you just love those weekends that are so deliciously free of obligations? I bet you love them even more now that you're back on the 9 to 5. Enjoy, friend.

Lynne said...

Oh, Lordy! :) What a funny story. You always find the most interesting things on the streets of London.

I think the best kinds of weekends are those that unfold gently with no set plans. Enjoy!

The Bug said...

Ugh - don't mention shredding. I have such a mountain to do. I thought if I kept the shredder right by the desk I'd shred as I go, but it needs emptied & I don't want to bother... Of course, my shred pile contains grocery receipts & utility bills, not boarding passes!

Tabor said...

Wow, sounds like a lovely story...a ticket from a Lord. Here in American that kind of royalty is totally impressive...not so much in your country perhaps.

Reya Mellicker said...

Sounds like a perfect weekend.

Yes, only in England. Wow.

Anonymous said...

I so need your weekend. I haven't had one like that in ages! A great photo and a great story! Would love to know how his Lordship's ticket got to where you found it.