Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Hanging on the Telephone

No repair people have been in touch. We linger in stasis. We're hanging on the telephone, like Blondie, except that the telephone line -- where we get our Internet -- doesn't work. Nor the washing machine, nor the dishwasher.

Maybe I should just write my blog from school or Cafe Nero every day? Take the laundry out every week for a "service wash"? (Ah, the luxury!)

Meanwhile, we're almost finished with students. I think today is the last day many of them will be around. Tomorrow is still technically a school day, for half a day, but I'm not sure we'll see many kids. 

We've successfully retrieved almost all our library books. I think at this point one eighth-grader and one 11th-grader still have books, and the latter plans to pay for hers, because she packed it up with her other belongings and shipped it back to the states.

Dave and I are both feeling a profound level of exhaustion. A lot of energy goes into these last weeks, and when the concerts are over and the books have been retrieved, we sort of collapse!

(Photos: Top, DIY in Chelsea, on May 24. Bottom, found art in the library -- a robin, I presume? I like his knobby knees.)


Ms. Moon said...

Ah- the sweetness that will be yours now! Maybe all of life will come together once this chaos is ended. The repair persons will show up, things will be fixed, life will be as cheerful as Nicole's bird.

ellen abbott said...

ah summer vacation! that was the most eye opening thing to me about becoming an adult and getting mu=y first full time job...what!? you mean no summer vacation?

Marty said...

What drove me CRAZY as a city high school teacher was the complete disregard by some students for returning library books. As though once they had checked them out, they owned them. They even laughed about how many they hadn't returned.

One of the things I miss about teaching is the magical feeling of that last day of school, when the back of the last kid passes through the classroom door.

Sharon said...

I like Ms. Moon's comment. It will all come together! However, I do sympathize with you on all accounts. The house I recently moved out of always had something going wrong. There were times I just felt like everything was falling apart.

The Bug said...

Sounds like your whole world is just frazzled over there - I'm also hoping that the end of school for the summer will bring about some resolution. If not, at least you'll be more rested while you sort it out!

John Going Gently said...

I am serious woth you joining in with the flower show
Loads of bloggers do!

Elizabeth said...

Oh, I hope you get to collapse and relax soon!

37paddington said...

But oh, the collapsing together will be fun!