Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Off to York

Dave, Olga and I are off on a little adventure today. We're going up to York, where we'll spend two nights at a bed & breakfast and see some of the sights. I have no idea what to expect from York -- in fact I haven't read about it at all yet -- but I'm sure there will be more Wars of the Roses history involved!

I'm looking forward to a change of scenery and it's always fun to travel with Olga, although we have a less-than-optimal seating situation on this morning's train. Dave and I are sitting across from each other in window seats with a table between us. I tried to put us in side-by-side seats (which would be better for dog handling purposes) but the railroad web site wouldn't let us move, saying the train is "very full." So that should be fun.

I hope whoever sits next to me doesn't mind a couple of hours of dog breath in their ear.

Yesterday I stayed home pretty much all day. Dave had lunch with an old friend who's visiting London, and I took Olga on a walk to Fortune Green and the cemetery. Otherwise I stayed in and read "The Girl on the Train," which is quite a page-turner. I just couldn't get motivated to go anywhere else!

And then, last night, as I was washing clothes, the washing machine began to act up. It wouldn't pump out the water and wouldn't spin. These appliances are going to be the death of me. I got so exasperated, envisioning all sorts of dire ramifications with the landlord -- and why did this have to happen just as we're about to leave town, and how was I going to get the wet clothes out of the locked machine? Then we unplugged it, waited a bit and plugged it back in, and it ran the rest of the way through its cycle. So at least I could retrieve the clothes. I suppose we'll have to call the repairman again. (The dishwasher is still broken, too. I've been doing all our dishes by hand -- which, bizarrely, I kind of like.)

(Photo: Gravestone detail from the cemetery, yesterday.)


  1. Have a great time and leave the worry of appliances behind.
    I assume that's Mary, right? On the gravestone? For a moment I wasn't sure if it was here or Jesus.

  2. "Her" or Jesus.
    I just woke up.

  3. can't decide if renting or owning is better when appliances act up.

  4. Have a fun trip! I've heard good things about York so I'll look forward to your reports.

  5. Look forward to hearing more about this...BTW, what is the title of the book you just finished?

  6. You're not supposed to be doing anything worthwhile right now, so read on. (I enjoyed that book, too.) The laws of summer off from school state that you must waste at least 5 or 7 days before you do anything productive.

  7. Ms Moon: It's either Mary or Jesus with a parachute. :)

    E: It was "The Big Disconnect" by Catherine Steiner-Adair. Is that the one you meant?

  8. I do agree with Marty's law of summer for teachers. I wish it worked that way for everyone!