Saturday, June 27, 2015

Sunshine and Rainbows and Kittens and Puppies

Holy cow. What a couple of days this has been! First a ruling that upholds Obama's national health plan, and now the nationwide legalization of gay marriage. Just when I'm thinking the world is going to hell, that everything is terrorism and refugees and war and economic inequality and greed, goodness is reaffirmed and progress is made.

Or, as someone memorably expressed it on Twitter:

I never, ever thought, as a kid growing up in the South, conflicted about being gay, that I would see this day. Wow.

And we have Republicans speaking out against the Confederate flag! Southern Republicans! What the hell is going on out there?! It's like the sunspots have all aligned and justice is being rained down upon us. Granted, there's still plenty of bad stuff happening, but let me just continue to set that aside for one more day and celebrate.

My Facebook feed is a continuous scrolling wallpaper of rainbows. It's blissfully free of retrograde people posting warnings about how we're all going to hell. I have the right friends, I guess.

Today is Pride day in London, so after my French class I'm going to take the camera down into town and see what I can see. I'm guessing there's going to be a lot of serious celebrating going on. Even though gay marriage is already legal in the UK, the American decision is seen as a huge step forward for the world as a whole.

Dave and I, meanwhile, are still talking about how this affects our own plans. Stay tuned!

(Photo: Kentish Town, June 16.)


  1. It's good when positive things happen and I can't say that better than the picture you shared! Have a good day!

  2. Don't forget about Chipolte's is banning GMOs from their food!

  3. Celebrate! The cynic in me is even happy1

  4. For the first time in forever, I was actually sort of proud to be an American yesterday.
    That says a LOT.

  5. It's been quite a week! That picture you captured from twitter sums it up beautifully. Go celebrate! I had a celebration dinner last night with my friend David, his brother and another friend!

  6. sometimes they get it right. as for the flag and the republicans supporting it's they finally deal with the gun problem here or do they jump on the flag bandwagon. no contest, flag bandwagon it is.

  7. You summed this all up beautifully. Yes, instead of one step forward two steps back, it's more like two steps back, four steps forward. What a week! I'm sooo happy!