Monday, June 8, 2015

My Photo Panel

We are still Internet-less. I'm writing this from work, when I can grab a moment between students. It's crazy how everything in our house has broken all at once. But we're managing -- as I said, I left the laundry with the laundromat yesterday for a "service wash," and I've been doing the dishes by hand. I just called the repairman so hopefully he'll get back to me soon. (Like, today!)

I haven't yet heard from our Internet provider, but they said they'd send an engineer within four days, so presumably we're on someone's agenda.

Here's one thing I did manage to get done this weekend -- I mounted the prints that I plan to submit to the Royal Photographic Society for judging. You may remember these shots from my blog -- I think they've all appeared here. They're all shots I took for Bleeding London.

The prints will be viewed on two shelves, like this, and in this order. I think the mounting went mostly OK, except that the balloon photo and the one vertical photo are a bit crooked. What can I say? I am not perfect. (The photos won't be this close together when they're judged, so I'm hoping that minor differences in their placement on the mats won't be as obvious.)

The advisory day, when the judges give me advice and feedback about my photo panel, is scheduled for June 18. Actual judging won't take place until later and I may change the panel before then, depending on what the judges say.

(Top photo: Blue fescue grass seed heads in the garden, backed by some of our roses.)


  1. What a great garden shot! Were you on your belly to get this? :)

    I don't remember seeing that "Tailor Wanted" photo before, love it. I hope the review goes well! You picked some of my favorites in there.

  2. I love the set of photos! I think the balloon and the woman with the dog are my favorites.

  3. Congrats again and I hope it all goes smashingly well. All of my favorites are there, I think.

  4. I know its dumbing down....
    But would you?
    Enter the photo class of our flower show in Trelawnyd?

    See schedule

    It would be lovely if you could

  5. OH, and 4 days to wait for someone to come for your internet? Really? I think we could get someone up here at our cabin in that timeframe! Sheesh.

  6. Oh the photos are fantastic. Love to see them mounted like that!

  7. Oh, the suspense - waiting for advisory day. I'm keen to hear what the judges have to say too.

    Ms Soup

  8. Love the pictures! Now I'm all nervous for you... :)

  9. Good luck with the photo panel! Nerve wracking but worth it. Also hope you get the repairs done soon. We always find things seem to break all at once. Nightmare!