Monday, December 7, 2015

A Winter Walk, and a Virus!

Olga and I went to the Heath yesterday, where although it's not particularly cold, things are looking quite wintry. She's pausing above in the same spot where I shot this photo (top), for example -- quite a seasonal difference!

We found a brightly colored log that looks like someone's art project. Olga was loving the dried leaves piled around it.

I'm not sure it's technically permitted to paint a log in Hampstead Heath, but maybe it is. I do like the dreamy, colorful abstract approach!

Otherwise, yesterday was all about reading, relaxing and doing housework. I wish I had another day like yesterday -- I feel like I lost half my weekend with all my activities on Saturday. And now, off to another work week!

On a side note, I woke this morning to find that apparently I've been infected with a virus! Not the biological kind, but the technological kind. My e-mail was sending out spam links of its own accord and I even had a spam link posted to my blog! THAT did not make me happy. So I changed my passwords and hopefully I've curtailed that activity.

I wonder how on earth I got it? I never click on mysterious links, open peculiar e-mails or download unknown programs. But this illustrates another problem with my 4 1/2-year-old computer -- now that Apple no longer supports my operating system, I can't do security updates. Clearly some worm has found a weak spot. (I always heard Apples weren't vulnerable to viruses, too, so that's an interesting situation...)


  1. Did you follow Olga's lead and also have a good old roll around in the dry leaves? Sorry to hear you picked up a computer virus. In my humble opinion, creators of computer viruses, worms and trojans should be treated as if they are all ISIS ringleaders! Bomb the b******s!

  2. Monday. Ugh. I can't deal. I better go take a walk.

  3. I can't believe the difference between the Heath picture today and the one from earlier. It really does look like winter there.
    Thanks for the comment on my post. I think you might be right about the celebration being photographed. It just didn't look right as a wedding to me but, I had never heard of that 15-year-old celebration until you mentioned it. I bet it was something like that.

  4. Maybe you'll get a new computer for Christmas and the decision will be taken out of your hands and you'll have no choice but to love it.

  5. A computer virus - oh no - they're almost as bad as medical ones. Or are they worse? I guess it depends on how much you use your computer. Good luck with that.

  6. Sorry about the computer...I wish I could be as happy as your dog appears to be!

  7. Apples and worms. The virus and the Codling Moth variety are both a pest.

    I'm now edging towards suggesting the computer problem be resolved in the same way as the rake was problem was resolved.....

    Ms Soup