Saturday, December 26, 2015

Mom's New Digs

Yesterday, after the craziness of gift-opening and before our feast of pork wellington, we went to check out my mom's new apartment at a retirement center near my brother's house. That's mom above, walking around the older part of the development.

(Her apartment is in a newer area where the architecture isn't quite so mod.)

There's tons of wildlife. This huge katydid perched on the molding over my mom's front door. We marveled that it knew to pick the doorway of the one old lady in the whole complex who wouldn't immediately kill it with a broom.

There are big, mossy turtles bobbing in the pond, which connects to a creek and eventually to the mighty St. John's River.

And of course we saw plenty of squirrels. Reportedly there are also alligators, which may deter my mom from ever using her kayak. She may wind up selling it on Craigslist.

We said passing hellos to other residents, some of whom were dressed in Christmas finery, but I didn't get to meet any of Mom's immediate neighbors. She's still getting to know them all herself, since she's only been there a couple of weeks.

Anyway, it's a nice place and my mom has a very comfortable, spacious apartment. I know it's a relief for her to never have to worry again about roof maintenance or a septic tank or flood and sinkhole insurance, or any of the other complications that go with owning a home in Florida. Liberation!

(By the way, I am deliberately not visiting our old house during this trip. Now that it's been sold, I figure we need to let it go.)

Gift-wise, Dave and I got a bag of excellent caramel candies and a Starbucks gift card, which will come in handy, and the girls have been having a great time twirling around in their new dresses and playing with their various gizmos. A successful holiday all around!


ellen abbott said...

looks good. glad your mom is settling in. yah, I wouldn't go by the old house. maybe in a few years after you are used to the idea.

Ms. Moon said...

That place looks really cool. I hope she makes some good friends. Love the katydid. They're such beautiful bugs!

e said...

I'm glad things are working out for your Mom. I hope she enjoys living there.

Joanne said...

It looks like a beautiful property where your mom lives now. I'd like it. But the bug, I'd run to find the nearest person with a broom. I don't know why I'm so scared of them but I am. Anyway, I wish her luck.

37paddington said...

Glad your mom is settling in well.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Because I am a nosy kind of guy I would have loved to see some pictures of the interior of your mum's new apartment. That's why I have organised this online petition signed by:-
Fred Flintstone
The Dog Boarder
Michele Obama
Ms Moon
Steve Reed (MP for Croydon)

We all want to look inside your mum's apartment.

jenny_o said...

Looks like a nice place to live. Your mom kayaks? Neat!