Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Another Floral Update

Our amaryllis have finally come into bloom. Looking good! We have two more flower stalks coming up, too. It looks like that second plant from the left may not bloom at all this year -- but as I said before, everyone needs a rest now and then.

The white daffodils in our garden are blooming now, too. They appear later than the yellow ones, for some reason.

And finally, the blue forget-me-nots are blooming around the roses. I think these are technically weeds, like the grape hyacinths, as we have them all over the garden and even growing between the cracks of our patio stones. But I like them all the same.

I did decide to sign up again for French. The next term is only ten more weeks, and it seemed a shame to stop now. I had to push myself and forge ahead. Although I make it sound like such work, it really is fun, too -- and after this term there's a summer break, so I can rest and synthesize (or maybe forget!) all I've learned.

Also, I learned that our old apartment in Notting Hill definitely never sold, despite the fact that we were asked to leave two years ago by the landlords so they could put it on the market. (Which they did, at least for a while.) I chatted with them on Facebook yesterday, and promised to put the word out among new teachers so perhaps they can gain a new tenant. Apparently the place has been empty since we left, except for periodic visits from their friends (which explains the forwarded mail). I didn't ask why the change of heart about selling -- not really my business. But curious!


  1. Grape hyacinths and for-get-me-nots are prolific growers, not weeds. They are hardy and can be relied on when other plants wilt and fade away when the going gets tough.

    Good news - another French term.

    Ms Soup

  2. You need to spend a week or two in France so that you can practise your French in real life situations. I am sure this will boost your motivation considerably. Ryanair can get you to these places from London Stansted :-
    La Rochelle
    St Etienne
    Tours Loire Valley
    Or you could hire a car and get some camping gear then just tootle along. Dave would need to wear a beret.

  3. Most of my amaryllis are blooming too, one at a time! I have two that decided to put out only leaves and no flower stalks. I warned them about this and scolded them saying that if they don't bloom they don't get to go with us when we move. I have several that are over 8 years old and have bloomed every single year.

    I like the idea of putting them all in the same planter. I read somewhere that they like to be "in a community" kind of setting. Maybe I should try this and I would have a rainbow of different colors!

    I love them!

  4. Just another thought: you could attend French immersion class in France for a week. We went to one such class in the heart of Burgundy in an old chateau. Poor us! This was when we first moved to France and I could only speak a few words. We were not allowed to speak in English, not even to each other. We read the paper in French and sat around the breakfast, lunch and dinner table with French speaking tutors. They even had a party night and invited outsiders in for dinner and chat!

    I think it might really jump start your whole language journey. You get to hear the native accent constantly. If it gets to be too much you can always retreat into your room! :)

  5. I love your red amaryllis. I had one or two at the city house but somehow they didn't get brought over. I dug up all the ones I could find but they all turned out to be pink with white stripes. one of the ladies from the garden club was giving away bulbs and I took a few that are all red with white stripes. still want just a plain red though. I've planted forget-me-nots several times but have never been able to get them to come back.

  6. My amaryllis are pathetic. I just realized that the word "amaryllis" has my name in it.
    Fun fact for the day!
    I think you should definitely go to France for a week or two.

  7. Amaryllis are touchy to grow so good work on this plant. Wasn't this the one Olga chewed to bits?

  8. Lovely! The bright red is just fabulous - a big contrast to the more spring-like colors of the outside flowers.

  9. The flowers look great. You really do have a green thumb. I can't believe that other place never sold. I would have thought it would have gone quickly especially when I hear how hard it is to find places in London. Maybe they were asking way too much. I'm not sure I'd be able to judge what way too much is in a market like London.

  10. So weird about your old apartment. Do you ever wish you'd never moved? I imagine not, given the floral wonders now just outside your door.

  11. Weeds? pfft - a weed is personal, as far as I'm concerned. If it's pretty it's a flower!

    Good for you, sticking with the French. I think there will come a tipping point where everything will gel and you'll suddenly find it easier, and then you'll be glad you stayed with it. The old line about practice making perfect came about for a reason.