Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Ugly Coffee Table

Here's another little gem that Olga and I found on one of our walks. With its faux marble laminate top, its worn gilded legs and its ceramic medallions of lords and ladies, it surely would qualify -- even in pristine condition -- as perhaps the ugliest coffee table ever.

(I apologize in advance if any of you have one just like it.)

I can't help but wonder who thought this was a good idea -- from either a manufacturing or purchasing standpoint. And why is it so chewed up?

So many questions.

In other news, our dog-walkers posted an item on Facebook the other day that said they planned to begin walking cats. Envisioning an imminent tragedy and subsequent lawsuit, I immediately thought, "I'd better warn them to keep those cats away from Olga!" But before I had a chance to send an e-mail I mentioned it to Dave, and he said, "Are you sure that's not an April Fool's joke?"

And of course it was.

Some people do walk their cats, though! So I don't feel too silly for being fooled.


  1. There's no accounting for the taste of some people, though I do think maybe the table looked much better when it was new and less battered.

    Ms Soup.

  2. Ha! Ha! That's great that the dog walker service tricked you Mr Gullible! April Fool! That table looks so stylish! Did you rescue it? It would look so cool in our lounge with a bowl of fruit on it. So retro and characterful.

  3. Sorry Steve, but that is a photo of a cat sitting with a lead attached to her collar, not a cat being walked. 😺😸

  4. I would like the little medallion in another context maybe.

  5. Obviously some people think that coffee table style is awesome. Now as for april fools jokes, I get sucked in every time.

  6. I am quite sure that to someone, that table just yelled CLASSY!
    The April Fool's joke that I got fooled by (for about one second) was on FB where it was announced that Publix wouldn't be making their own sandwiches in the deli anymore but that Subway would be taking that over.
    Not funny.

  7. I believe I'd have pried the ceramic medallions off before throwing it out. and yah, I had to constantly remind myself on Friday on FB that it was April Fool's Day.

  8. Oh my gosh, that table is awful. It looks as though it's been sitting outside for a very long time.
    I decided not to look at Facebook on April 1st. I think I'm glad!

  9. I'm not sure that qualifies as cat-walking. Cat-sitting, cat-lying, or possibly cat-dragging -- but not cat-walking :)

    Good thing you talked to Dave before hitting "send"!

  10. Wow...I wonder what the table looked like new? Were you able to salvage the pot?

  11. For some reason, your photos haven't been loading when I click on your blog. Hmmmm. This will be a problem as I look forward to them daily!