Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Spring on the Trash Path

Olga and I walked the Trash Path again on Sunday morning. With the coming of spring it's actually looking pretty good -- at least as good as it can ever look, given that it's right next to the railroad tracks and burdened with litter.

Olga with cherry blossoms and sunshine -- a rare sight!

Even the litter looks better when it comes with bluebells.

As we walked, Olga got all excited at the sight of the yellow Coles Express football I photographed earlier. We've walked past it lots of times, but for some reason, on Sunday it caught her eye, and she whined and pawed at the fence in an effort to get at it.

So I got a stick and retrieved it from behind the fence, and gave it to her.

She gnawed it to pieces in about two minutes -- which wasn't hard, since it had been sitting out in the sun and weather, probably for months, and was completely brittle. She didn't seem to mind.

By the way, Dave returned home on Sunday night from his school trip to Germany, so our little family unit is reunited once again. He and the students came back on a bus -- at one point he texted me that he was in the bus, which was on a train, which was in a tunnel under the English Channel.

"You're like a transportation turducken!" I told him.

I was proud of that one.


  1. Glad everyone's home and happy today...

  2. HA. you should be very proud of that joke!

  3. Springtime reveals lot of litter here too. It's good that some people make an effort to pick things up.

  4. Seriously laughing out loud at the transportation turducken - ha! Love the flowers. Spring!

  5. hahahaaaahahahaaa,Turducken- great! AND the trash path does look so much better with flowers. Olga certainly knows what is important in this life, thank you for paying attention!

  6. OMG, I laughed out loud at your turducken. I'm amazed that you got a text from under the English Chanel. Isn't modern technology amazing?

  7. My mind is still absolutely blown when I contemplate tunnels under bodies of water. For some reason, the fact that you can drive from London to the European continent still boggles my mind. I shall have to do it myself some day, just to wrap my poor brain around it.

  8. Excellent observation on Dave's location :)

    Good for Olga, she's done her part to break that football down into shreds that the tiny bacteria can chew up and digest! (or at least closer to that size)

  9. transportation turducken. that is a good one.

  10. Olga is cute:)
    Please tell her that.