Monday, April 4, 2016

Wayward Le Creuset

Neither Olga nor I want to get out of bed this morning. We took a long walk to Hampstead Heath yesterday, and I seriously thought we weren't going to get back home. I was just so worn out after Liverpool, and my photo walk on Saturday. Plus we had some of Dave's coworkers over on Saturday night for mac & cheese (because kids were involved) and wine, and they were here pretty late -- so I didn't sleep all that well for a few nights running.

As the saying goes, I need a vacation from my vacation!

The day went well, though. Dave got tons of gardening done and Olga and I found a blue Le Creuset pan (with lid!) on our morning walk. I think Dave was pretty impressed that I could find homeless Le Creuset while wandering around the neighborhood.

And today, it's back to work!

(Photo: The Japanese magnolias are in bloom -- this tree was near its peak when I took this photo last weekend.)


  1. Isn't it astonishing the things people leave laying around for you and Olga to find?

    Ms Soup

  2. I wonder how that was lost? Are you going to clean it up and use it?


  3. You are living a hard life Steve. I don't know how you cope with the stress of it all.

  4. What a fantastic score!!!!!
    Beautiful Japanese Magnolias. Mine have bloomed and now leafed, a fresh green.
    I slept for ten hours last night after my day raking and mulching. I feel much refreshed.

  5. Someone must have decided never to cook again! That's a great find!

  6. How nice you can re-home the Le Creuset. I love mine. Hope you have a better nights' sleep tonight.

  7. I wish i had a "real" LeCreuset, i have the knock off brand...but it works fine.

  8. I love magnolias and that is a beautiful shot of that one.

  9. Boy I hear you on the sleep - I just WILL NOT turn the light out at a reasonable hour & now I've been sleepy for days... Fortunately I finally finished one book that was keeping me up late.

    I love that you found a pot - ha!

  10. A LeCreuset! There is only one in our house, mixed among the old cast iron and Revere Ware. I don't cook, but it's like a Dutch oven.
    Our magnolia hasn't bloomed yet. Too much snow keeps fallling.

  11. Ms Soup: It's like they see us coming!

    E: I don't think it was lost -- I think whoever owned it was throwing it out, but didn't want to just put it in the trash. So they left it on their garden wall next to their bins, which people often do here when they're giving something away. And yes, it's been through our dishwasher already!

    Mr. P: It's tough, but someone has to do it.

    Mrs. Moon: Ten hours sleep. That sounds FANTASTIC.

    Sharon: Ha! You gotta wonder.

    Cheryl: We love ours too! Dave has several pieces. This one is old and obviously worn, but there's nothing really wrong with it.

    Vivian: I'm sure the knock-offs are just as good! (As with many fancy brand names.)

    Jenny-O: I love them too. When I lived in NYC I used to make a special effort to go see the ones blooming every spring around the obelisk behind the Metropolitan Museum. A good spot for magnolia-lovers!

    Bug: Well, at least you're reading, and using that time productively!

    Joanne: I had Revere Ware for years -- it's good stuff too. Re. your magnolia, you have something to look forward to! :)