Friday, April 8, 2016

The Polygraph Test

My outing to the doctor is turning out to be several outings. I have to go next Tuesday to a hospital in Ladbroke Grove to have blood drawn, and then the following week I have a follow-up visit with my doctor to get the results. I'm virtually certain that when I registered with my doctor four or five years ago, they drew blood right there in the office -- but my memory could be faulty. So anyway, I'm not sure why this extra trip is necessary, but I suppose it's a small price to pay for not paying.

In between all this, I'm going to get my teeth cleaned next Thursday. (Why not get everything done, after all?) I can't believe it's already time. In fact, looking back at the post about my last dental visit, I see that it's way past time. I had it in my head that the dentist told me to come back in two years, but according to that post, she said nine months. Oops! (See what I mean about a faulty memory?)

She's probably going to scold me for waiting so long.

Dave and I watched an episode of "The Good Wife" last night that involved an employee having to take a polygraph test. It reminded me of the one time I had to take one -- when I got hired as a cashier by Scotty's Hardware in Florida back in the mid-1980s. It was part of the hiring process. I was in college and just coming out at the time, and I remember being terrified that they were going to ask me if I was gay. Why I thought this would be of the least interest to Scotty's Hardware, I don't know, and of course all they cared about was whether I'd ever stolen anything from a previous employer.  Fortunately, I had not -- and thus began my illustrious yearlong (and theft-free) career as a hardware store cashier.

Oh, and thanks for your comments on my previous post. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one experiencing peculiarities with Blogger!

(Photo: A statue of railway engineer Robert Stephenson at Euston Station, London.)


  1. Some might conclude that with the memory problems the doctor probably wants to check you out for early onset Alzheimers but that is not a conclusion to which I would personally subscribe so no need to worry Steve.

  2. A polygraph test to work for Scotty's.
    Glad you passed it.

  3. I imagine that a hardware store would have a problem with much useful stuff there! I have never taken a polygraph. I was asked back in the early 70s in a job interview to be a floor sales person (not a cashier mind you though that's what I was at my previous job) if I intended to get pregnant as he didn't want to go to the trouble to train me (as if any training was necessary to help customers find what they wanted) if I was just going to get pregnant and quit. I believe it was illegal at the time for him to ask me that or make it a condition for hiring me. I suppose I could have reported the incident but I needed the job. Oh, and the answer was no. I had no intention of getting pregnant by my then husband.

  4. I really hate all the med appointments but I go because I know it's worth it. Like you,I do delay my appts.

  5. You know even here I've had to go to a lab to get blood drawn and sometimes they just do it at the office. I'm not sure why the difference from time to time.
    I don't think I've ever had a polygraph test and I've worked in banking my whole career until I retired and then started working for non-profits. It's strange that you had to take one to become a retail cashier. Maybe Scotty's had a bad experience in the past.

  6. My doctor's office does draw my blood, but I still have to go back in a week to review the results with the doctor. I just had my annual physical yesterday & now I have to go back in three months to have my thyroid number checked again. Is it bad that I'm excited to think that my weight is caused by my thyroid? Even though there's absolutely no evidence of that being the case? Ha!

  7. I SO do not like either dental or doctor appointments, but it feels so dang good when they're over; it's like getting a little happy pill :)