Saturday, August 6, 2016

A Quick Post

I've been exploring Tampa a bit this week, in between errands and Dad-related tasks. Even though I grew up here, there are huge swathes of the city I know very little about -- East Tampa in particular is a blank spot in my mind. I drove a couple of different routes through the area, camera at the ready.

There's some crazy stuff out there.

I'm in Anna Maria Island now, visiting my friends John and Sue for the weekend. I figured my stepmother could probably use a break from having me around!

And now, Sue and I are off for an early-morning beach walk, before it gets hot...


  1. I would consider making that first shot your header picture.
    Size does matter!
    Anna Maria Island is gorgeous. Have a great time!

  2. You need a break also, Death is such business...I am just feeding and teasing your koi while you are gone.

  3. I wonder what the story is behind the Bigfoot shop!

  4. I LOVE Anna Maria Island! I like to walk, but the driving is atrocious!

  5. I imagine you need a break from it as well.

  6. The little bars are very quaint. there must be a very different licensing regime there.