Thursday, August 18, 2016

Dave Elvis

This is Dave Elvis. I crossed paths with Dave in Islington on Tuesday -- I saw him walking ahead of me, in his shiny gold jacket, and I thought, "I need a picture of that guy." He stopped at the bus shelter, and I asked him whether I could photograph him.

Sometimes I'm shy about asking someone for a photo, but when they're dressed like Dave Elvis, I figure they don't mind being noticed. You probably can't tell, but in addition to the gold, sequined jacket, Dave is wearing an Elvis Presley necktie and buttons.

Turns out, Dave performs Elvis songs. He broke into a rendition of "I Can't Help Falling in Love with You," and he sounded pretty good! He had the Elvis voice-warble down pat. We had a short chat about the pub where he sings karaoke, and Elvis movies -- Dave also serenaded me with a version of "Viva Las Vegas" loud enough to turn heads. He isn't at all shy about singing in public.

I promised to send him the photo via Facebook (he has a Facebook page). Which I did when I got home.

Today I'm headed back to work! I got up at 5 a.m. to give myself plenty of time to get ready, because honestly, over the two months I've been on summer break, I've forgotten my morning timetable. Olga gamely got up with me, though she promptly fell asleep again on the couch.


  1. Cool old gentleman...Have a great school year!

  2. When the fake Elvis sang "I Can't Help Falling in Love With You" did he mean it? Dave had better watch out. By the way this song is often sung by Hull City supporters. It's like our theme tune.

  3. He's rather beautiful, isn't he?

  4. I love eccentric people. they give me hope for humanity.

  5. What a great guy...totally uninhibited. I'm so glad you got his picture!
    I bet it feels like the summer break just flew by.

  6. That guy would really catch your eye. Good on you for taking a photo and talking to the guy. some of the odder people we meet are pretty interesting.

  7. I'm betting that Dave Elvis thoroughly enjoyed meeting you and having the positive attention. Awesome.

    Olga is a good girl, getting up even though she wasn't sure why :)

  8. He looks very happy to be photographed by you. You shared a very human moment, which is lovely. I find that is what usually happens when I ask people if I can photograph them. It is good to feel seen.

  9. Elizabeth: Me too! I always admire people courageous enough to be their eccentric selves.

    E: Thanks! :)

    YP: Yeah, when I posted him to Facebook, I didn't tell my friends he sang me that song. I doubt seriously he was considering the content, LOL!

    Ms Moon: Isn't he? Such style!

    Ellen: Yes, they certainly illustrate our creative potential.

    Sharon: In some ways, it flew by, and in some ways, it was a very long summer! (As I mention in my subsequent post.)

    Red: Oddness is a virtue!

    Jenny-O: Yeah, he seemed very into talking to me!

    37P: I think that's a good point. Many people DO enjoy being seen. I find that when I ask to photograph people, they say yes more often than no. And yet I'm still shy about doing it.