Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Billy Fury with Golden Eyes

This rather disturbing face belongs to Billy Fury, or rather a mural of Billy Fury, in West Hampstead. Recently, some vandal painted out his eyes. Now he looks like zombie Billy Fury.

Fury was an early rock star, kind of a British Elvis Presley. I don't recall ever hearing of him before I moved to London, but in England he's still a well-known name. There's a statue of him in Liverpool (I overheard a tourist misidentify it as Elvis) and the path along the railroad tracks where the above mural is located has been named Billy Fury Way. It's kind of a skanky path. I wouldn't want it named after me.

This week has so far been taken up with our normal beginning-of-school training and meetings. I went to child protection training and data security training on Monday and our big all-staff motivational assembly yesterday. Main lesson learned in data security training: DO NOT ABANDON PRIVATE STUDENT DATA IN AN UNLOCKED BAG IN A PUB. (This isn't much of a risk for me, since I don't often handle and certainly don't carry around private student data.)

Today I finally resume my normal work schedule, going in at 9:15 and staying until 5:15, which I'm happy about -- more time to walk Olga in the morning!

Last night Dave and I went to Royal Albert Hall with some friends to hear the BBC Orchestra perform pieces by Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninov and Prokofiev. We were sitting in a box -- courtesy of one of the families at school -- just two boxes away from the royal box seats! I didn't recognize anyone in the royal seats, though. If there were any royals there they must be quite low on the totem pole.


Elizabeth said...

I've never heard of Billy Fury either! And how fun to go hear the symphony in a fancy box seat!

e said...

Nice seats...what happened to Billy Fury?

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Billy Fury's real name was Ronald William Wycherley. He was big in Liverpool and beyond just before a little known beat combo called The Beatles came along to usurp his throne.

I waved at you from The Royal Box but you didn't see me.

Ms. Moon said...

Yes. All of the English sixties musicians give a nod to Billy Fury.
New idea for a self-help book: "Trudging Down The Skanky Path."
I think it would sell big, don't you?

Sharon said...

On one of my trips to London (probably back in 2006), I saw the London Philharmonic at Royal Albert Hall. I don't remember now what they played but, I loved every minute of it.

ellen abbott said...

I'm ashamed to say I haven't been to hear an orchestra since I begged my parents to send me to public school in 8th grade. the private school I went to offered a field trip to hear the symphony every year and I always signed up for it.

jenny_o said...

In checking out Billy Fury on wikipedia, I learned that "It's Only Make-Believe" was a big hit for him but all these many years I thought it was sung by Elvis. They sound incredibly alike.

Orchestral music is wonderful in person. I've never liked rock concerts because they don't sound as good as recordings, but it's the other way around with orchestras, in my opinion.

37paddington said...

Your child protection training made me think of the fact that both my kids have active shooter drills at their jobs, just like fire drills in days of yore. holy moly.

Red said...

The more professional development at the beginning of the year , the better. Infact , professional development all year. It keeps your head in the game. I know. I was there in the bad old days when they just told you to go to work.

Steve Reed said...

Elizabeth: I'm glad I'm not alone!

E: He died fairly young, at age 43 in 1983.

YP: I THOUGHT that was you! But then I thought maybe it was Camilla Parker-Bowles.

Ms Moon: I read a long biography of the Beatles years ago, and I am SURE it probably mentioned Billy Fury and I just don't remember him. He was a pivotal musician, apparently. Love the book title!

Sharon: The building alone is worth a trip!

Ellen: It's never too late! Houston must have a good one, I would think.

Jenny-O: Maybe Elvis sang it too? I'll have to look that one up! I agree about rock concerts - plus they're so painfully LOUD.

37P: We have those too!

Red: If it's worthwhile professional development, I completely agree with you. Unfortunately some professional development seems designed more to kill time than teach anything useful. (I'm not talking about my current employer, however.)