Saturday, August 27, 2016

Am I Dreaming?

I experienced the weirdest collision of political worlds, watching Donald Trump and Nigel Farage together on the same stage in Mississippi. My nightmare! What the heck is Nigel doing campaigning for Trump? Why does he care who wins the U.S. presidential election?

Basically, I think, it's payback for the Democrats. Farage was miffed when Obama came to the U.K. and urged voters not to support Brexit. Now he's returning the favor by talking down Hillary Clinton and trying to bolster Trump.

Admittedly, there are similarities in the messages of the Trump and Farage -- primarily concerns about immigration. "Just as Trump has done in this country, Farage and his party appealed to deep-rooted racism and xenophobia, and made limiting immigration a central issue," wrote John Cassidy in The New Yorker. It was also interesting to hear Farage speak against corporate interests, especially since I don't see Trump as exactly anti-establishment in the business sense. If anything, he represents corporate interests, doesn't he? He's a multimillionaire property developer. Farage, for that matter, is a commodities trader. They're faux populists. But whatever.

It's a very strange year in politics.

On a lighter note, we're about to have a three-day weekend here. This is the weekend of the Notting Hill Carnival, which, needless to say, Dave and I are not going near -- having had our fill when we lived in Notting Hill. We're opting for a quiet weekend, especially after Thursday's bacchanal.

We've just jumped onto the "Stranger Things" bandwagon on Netflix. We're two episodes in, and we love it so far!

(Photo: Last night I was about to go to bed when I noticed the light from the bedroom windows spilling out onto the patio.)


  1. I suppose Farage is calling for America to leave the US.

  2. Haha, Sabine! I hope you have a weekend free of nightmares, Steve!

  3. Oh dear. Both together in the same time zone. I'm amazed the universe didn't implode. Are we EVER going to get to November and lose/confirm this impending feeling of doom?

  4. Please don't feel offended but how the hell can you sit down at your patio table to eat a meal or have a snack? All those plants are in the way.

    As for Farage sharing a stage with Trump, I would bet a hundred quid that Trump paid for Farage's business class flight and hotel bill. I wonder if he will also pay for Farage's souvenir cowboy boots and stetson?

  5. All I can say is- that photo is incredible.

  6. Enjoy your long weekend - just the thing after going back to work!

  7. I thought it odd for a British politician to be stumping for Trump. maybe Trump owes him money. he seems to owe a lot of money to foreigners.

    a 3 day weekend already? school just started.

  8. Some of these politicians are complete loony tunes.

  9. Loony tunes is a good description

    Lovely picture

  10. I LOVE that photo today and I love Sabine's comment above. The Trump & Farage thing must have been strange to see. Actually this whole election is off the rails.

  11. Trump and Farage - there's a winning double.

    The garden table by inside light is something else. As is that tall straggly plant behind it with the yellow flowers.....