Thursday, August 25, 2016

A Sunny Hallway and Star Wars Pasta

This was the scene in one of the hallways at school yesterday. I didn't have my camera so I snapped it with my ancient iPhone, which, amazingly, still takes reasonably acceptable pictures.

Downloading that one photo meant plugging my iPhone into my computer, which I hadn't done for months and months. Here's another photo that popped up, from July 1. I have no idea why I took this. I guess I was amused by the Star Wars pasta. (Which, according to the shelf label, is supposed to be Scooby Doo pasta. Shelf labels are always wrong in Tesco. Why is that?)

Oh, and it's a picture of me! This is from our garden cam, which at the time was sitting on the floor in the living room, having been brought inside for routine maintenance. I appear to be walking past with my lunch. Hello!

I know I've been heralding the end of summer, but suddenly we're having a heat wave! It got into the high 80s (F) yesterday. Fortunately I have air conditioning at school so I didn't feel the brunt of it, but when I got home in the afternoon a lot of the plants were looking a bit wilty. More of the same for the rest of the week, apparently!


  1. The last photo could be an Olga's eye-view of food on a plate which she might like to sample.


  2. Good job you weren't wearing a kilt in that last picture Steve! As for Scooby Doo or Star Wars - it's all the same shit.

  3. Interesting perspectives, love the orange chairs...and I guess Star Wars trumps the Chef Boyardee of my youth...

  4. I was wondering about school with the very warm days. So unfair when everyone is back in class. I'm glad to read that you are cool in the library.

  5. Do you have AC in your house?
    I like the photos. They give a different and interesting, um, perspective!

  6. I like the shadows of the plants in the top picture.

  7. For some reason I got muddled up and thought the pasta was being sold in your school hallway! How entrepreneurial, I thought ...

    The photo of the hallway is striking.

    We are having a mini-heatwave, too. I thought we were into fall, but - not yet.

  8. I think we have your weather. We've had 6 weeks of showers and rain. We need some sun.

  9. Those cans brought back memories of the canned ravioli that my mom used to get when I was a little kid. I can't imagine eating it now but, at the time we kids loved it.

  10. I love that picture of you - it's a keeper :)

  11. Alphie: True!

    YP: Yeah, I was fortunate in my wardrobe choice. Not that a kilt would have been an option anyway!

    E: Yeah, we all ate that Chef Boyardee stuff!

    Cheryl: I am very lucky climate-wise in the library!

    Ms Moon: No AC at home! Which normally isn't a problem at all. Even now, we're not dying.

    Ellen: They definitely caught my eye when I turned down that hallway!

    Jenny-O: It makes sense, I suppose. It IS only August...

    Red: So THAT's where it went! Send it back!

    Sharon: I know, it's amazing to think of what we all eat as children. I'm surprised any of us survive.

    Bug: Yeah, it cracked me up when I found it on the memory card!

  12. That first pic is the perfect example of "Shadows and Light". Wow, love it. I would frame it! :)