Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Another iPhone Photo Collection

Time for another random assortment of photos from my phone. First, a strange creature in the window of a local ceramics shop. I thought it was the Cheshire Cat until I saw that it has six caterpillar-like legs. Now I'm completely confused.

Olga discovered another striped cat lounging in the window of a Cricklewood cleaners. She wasn't all that impressed, though, and neither was the tiger.

Dave and I went walking around the cemetery over the weekend, and noticed this sign along Blackberry Path. I hesitate to point it out, but I don't think it's my poo that's the problem.

The path, by the way, has been cleared of huge amounts of brush and undergrowth and is much more walkable now.

We also found this bouquet tied to a tree, which seemed ominous. When we came home I did some Googling and learned that a woman's body was found near here about a month ago. Her death was not deemed suspicious, and I'm assuming from the coverage it may have been a suicide.

(I wonder if this has something to do with why the path was so vigorously cleared?)

Another autumn leaf, found lying on the pavement in Hampstead. This may be my last leaf photo of the season, since most of them are now brown and soggy.

My coworker showed up just before Thanksgiving wearing this sweater, which I thought was hilarious. She said she got it for about £3 in a local shop. It's so ridiculous it's art.

I asked her, "Can I take a picture of your sweater in a way that doesn't constitute sexual harassment?"

And finally, a sign from the entrance of the venue where I saw Oysterband a couple of weekends ago. I thought it was hilarious, but one of the British people I was with said, "What, you've never seen that before?" I guess it's an old joke in England.

I sent this picture to my high-school girlfriend, who's a friend of mine on Facebook. ("Hello" was "our song" when we were dating back in the mid-'80s.) "It doesn't quite rhyme," she said.


  1. Great shots though that cat-thing is ominous looking...I much prefer the black cat in yesterday's photo of a rooftop. I love the chicken shirt and wonder about the poor woman who apparently died along that path...

  2. I know you work closely with several women Steve but there's just no need to call them cow workers! They are people just like you. In my opinion, comparing women to animals - cow, bitch, puma, chick etc. - is a typical feature of rampant sexism. The only time it would be acceptable to call a woman a cow worker would be if she worked on a cattle farm.

  3. I think that critter in the window is a CATerpillar. It has a cat face but little buggy feets. And that expression on Olga's face is priceless.

  4. I was going to say what Vivian said. It's a CAT-A-PIllar!
    I love your iPhone pictures. They have such a sense of lightness about them.
    That sweater cracks me up.

  5. We have that tiger! Someone in our neighborhood had set it out as trash, but it looked clean and J was determined to have it, so he grabbed it on one of our walks while I stood off a little way and pretended not to be with him. (I would have been mortified if the person at the house had come outside, but J would have felt no qualms about taking to whoever.)

    I love that you asked your coworker before taking her picture. Imagine what the workplace would be like if everyone did that (and respected the answers).

  6. Your iPhone photos are always so much fun and tell good stories of the days.

  7. Another great assortment of shots. That is a very realistic looking tiger. Even more realistic than the stuffed one I posted a few weeks ago. I love that leaf. I would have stopped to admire that leaf too if I had seen it. That sweater is hilarious. What a great find. I actually had to look up Lionel Richie and that song to get that sign. Apparently there is a whole like of "Is it Tea you're looking for" wares! Must be a British thing.

  8. I enjoyed the sheer randomness of this post.
    And nothing like a sodden bunch of memorial flowers to bring down the mood on your commune with nature.

  9. Great pictures. I love the one of the tiger and Olga with her ears back. If my cats put their ears back it means "LOOK OUT".

  10. Great shots, especially the leaf!

  11. I see you found an example of the very rare insecticat (first photo).

    Love that leaf. The edges! beautiful.

    Olga really does look unhappy with the tiger. She is very expressive.

  12. E: I'm with you. Give me a live cat any day!

    YP: Do you see two w's in that word? I don't! (I know, I know -- you prefer "colleague.")

    Vivian: OF COURSE! CATerpillar!! How did I not think of that?!

    Ms Moon: That sweater is amazing. The sequins are incredibly shiny, too, which the picture doesn't quite show. Seriously, I would put that thing in a frame and hang it on the wall.

    Lorianne: How funny, about the tiger! I wonder how many of those things some factory in China is cranking out each day? Too bad we're not putting all those resources into saving REAL tigers.

    Ellen: Thanks!

    Robin: A chronicle of our time!

    Sharon: Yes, as I said, apparently it's an old joke around here. It was new to me, anyway!

    Marty: It was an ominous find. I knew right away something bad had happened there.

    Catalyst: Yeah, when animals put their ears down it's not good! I think Olga is more disinterested than anything, though.

    Sabine: Thanks!

    Jenny-O: She IS an expressive dog.