Saturday, December 16, 2017

Santas All Around

Dave and I were on our way to work early yesterday morning when we passed this cafe near the West Hampstead tube station. There were at least 17 (by my count) guys sitting in there wearing Santa hats! (Well, that includes the waitress and the guy behind the counter.)

Yesterday was absurdly busy. There was a lot of "churn" in the library. I think teachers were sending, or even bringing, classes of students in to get books for the holidays. Some of the students didn't really want a book, though, so the minute class was over they'd return it. I actually praised a ninth-grader for courageously choosing "The Three Musketeers," a hulking doorstop of a volume, and not half an hour later it was in the book return.

Oh well.

Then, when school ended, it was time to salvage the library Christmas tree. Remember how I arranged to "adopt" it? I took all the school's ornaments off -- but left the lights -- and then bundled it into a bedsheet with the help of Dave and my boss Karen. Dave and I carried it out of the school and loaded it into a taxi, and set it up at home with our own ornaments. (We brought the school's tree stand home, too.) Now it's aglow in our front window.

I suppose we did save some money. It's a £55 tree and it cost us £13 to get it home -- including a £3 tip for the taxi guy, whose cab remained surprisingly free of stray pine needles.

Hopefully it will last another ten days! It still looks fairly fresh because I've been watering it carefully, but that's obviously only going to carry it so far. I'm glad we still have a bit of time until Christmas -- I have to buy a few more things for Dave. Oxford Street beckons!


  1. It is a nice tree...I hope you'll both enjoy it, and whatever goes beneath it!

    Officers are currently seeking information about the whereabouts of two shady characters who brazenly purloined a school Christmas tree. They were last seen bundling it into a getaway car on Waverley Place in the St John's Wood area of north west London. They are described as being elderly and of Eastern European appearance. For further details contact P.C.Plod on 999.

  3. I am so glad I don't do christmas. I used to hate this time of year but like Reya, I have mellowed a bit. living out in the country helps as it's not constantly in my face.

    What a great picture.
    I really hope that you and Dave enjoy this Christmas of your own. Your own home, your own tree, your own Olga, your own sweet celebration, however you choose to do it.

  5. This goes along with your rescue of many discarded articles in your area. why should a perfectly good tree be thrown in the dump?

  6. Good job getting that Christmas tree home in a taxi cab. Love the santa hats photo!

  7. I wish I was there to tag along on Oxford Street. It was busy when I was there last week in September so I'm guessing it will be wall to wall people this weekend. Good luck with the shopping.

  8. If that picture of those guys in Santa hats had been taken in the U.S. of A., people would suspect it was some kind of gang. Happy shopping, Steve.

  9. So much in this post to love - a Fuzzy of Santas, a teen who thinks it's funny to check out a "doorstop" of a book and return it minutes later, rescuing a Christmas tree - all good memories for this time of year.

    What does Olga think of the tree?