Wednesday, December 13, 2017

But is it Art?

Here's another partial snowman I found on my way to work yesterday morning. Doesn't it look like something that could be housed at MoMA?

(The snowman, or snow creature, is sitting on a little shelf above a mail slot in a plywood wall around a house under construction.)

I was completely wrong when I wrote about the weather in yesterday's post, by the way. In fact, I went back later in the morning and re-edited it, I was so wrong. Yesterday's first snowman was not "gone," as I initially said -- he'd melted a little, but he's still there. And the weather yesterday was frigid, certainly in the morning, so there wasn't much melting going on in general. Even my title was misleading!

Sometimes I write things and then later wonder what the heck I was thinking. And I'm a former journalist! That post was Fake News!

Last night was our office holiday party. I stayed a bit too late and had one too many pints. I feel OK this morning but I didn't get to bed until midnight or so. It's going to be a long Wednesday.

Yesterday I finished reading "The Chosen," by Chaim Potok, which I really enjoyed. A colleague recommended it to me, and not knowing much about Hasidim and Orthodox Judaism, I found it fascinating -- as well as a good read. Now I'm about to embark on Amanda Craig's new book "The Lie of the Land," which sounds intriguing.

Oh my gosh -- I just looked at the news and ROY MOORE LOST!!! I can't believe it. I was sure he was going to win, Alabama being Alabama. I am so impressed with those voters! Way to go, people! And thus continues my streak in recent years of predicting major election results incorrectly...but at least this time I can be happy about it.


  1. One small blue step for US kind...I hope you have a good day despite your late night, and I'm glad you enjoyed your massage.

  2. Moore's defeat is all the more surprising when you realise how the system has conspired to disenfranchise African-Americans. Alabama's black population amounts to 35% of the electorate and yet bureaucracy denies the vote to thousands of these people - most of whom would be naturally drawn to The Democrats.

  3. I also couldn't believe it, that Alabama did the right thing and elected a good, decent man. May this be the first of many victories for Democrats (and Independents) everywhere.

  4. I told my kids yesterday that I'd bet anything in the world that Moore would win because...yeah. Alabama.
    But praise the people who made my prediction wrong!
    And can I just say that his stunt of riding that horse to vote made it all too easy for the entire world to say, "And f**k the horse you rode in on."

  5. I bet I read The Chosen at least 30 years ago. I enjoyed it as I recall. and Alabama. Well, that gives me some hope but it's all to late I'm afraid. I believe the saying is...fuck you AND the horse you rode in on.

  6. I know!! I was reading the New York Times on my iPad, hoping that Roy Moore's win would at least be a close call when, at 10:27pm the Times called it for Doug Jones. I was flabbergasted and hoped it was not a false result (as in 2000 when they called Florida for Al Gore and then had to walk it back) and I immediately turned on the TV and watched the celebration and waited to hear the new Senator give his address to his supporters and I almost felt like crying. UNBELIEVABLE.

    Of course, it still says a lot that Doug Jones beat a pedophile, a racist, and an imbecile by only 20,000 votes but still: in the end, Alabama did the right thing and I for one am amazed. I don't want to get my hopes up too high for the human race, but this makes me hate people a tiny bet less today.

  7. I laughed out loud at your "fake news" line. There is no shame in getting the weather wrong. The experts do it all the time. I got the Alabama news just before I went to bed last night and I have to say, I was elated. I had hope but, deep down I didn't think he'd win. Hooray for our side! Of course, now our idiot in the White House is saying he predicted Moore would lose. (I know, I know if Moore had won that idiot would have said he it was all because of him.)
    I love the snowman work of art. I'm pretty sure I've seen something very similar just recently at our art museum.

  8. Yes, that snowman could easily be art at MOMA! I love your fake news confession here. Last night I breathed a big sigh of relief about the news of the Alabama election. My faith in humanity was somewhat restored, and that's a big event for me. There is a copy of The Chosen in our bookcase, and now I think I may read it. Thank you for reminding me.

  9. Doug Jones won! My tattered faith is slowly being restored.

  10. It was a nail-biter and Roy Moore is still waiting for God to speak and change the result.

  11. That is a really (REALLY) excellent picture of that snowman - definitely art! I love Chaim Potok, but haven't read any of his books in years. I should check them out again.

    And oh my merciful heavens, Doug Jones! It was like a Christmas miracle! Or maybe Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa miracle :)

  12. Up here in Canada I'm thrilled with Jones' win too - it is a welcome light. Thank you to those who turned out to give this result.

  13. It was certainly a great relief to have some positive news this morning. I, too, am very grateful to all the voters who went out to vote for Mr.Jones.
    However, there is so much more to worry about with this dreadful administration pushing their grossly unfair tax bill and undoing net neutrality.
    I truly wish we could all wake up to better news every day.

    The snowman is definitely worthy of a spot at MOMA.

  14. The movie made on the Chosen is quite good. Just looked it up and it was made in 1981.
    Also very happy about Doug Jones.