Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Salvaged Ornaments

Remember when I found the Madagascar key chain (or whatever it is) on my way to work a couple of weeks ago? Well, I did turn it into a Christmas ornament. It worked out pretty well!

And I got to thinking...I had several other little items hanging around that I'd found here and there. Wouldn't they make good ornaments, too?

Like the little enamel globe bead (I guess?) that I found in the library...

...or the miniature rugby ball from Fiji that I also found in the library...

...or the evil-eye charm I found on another walk to work ages ago?

There you have it! Who needs to buy fancy-schmantzy ornaments?!

I had a busy day yesterday -- dentist, then Christmas shopping, then an evening music performance. I'm going to save all that for tomorrow's post, though, because I haven't gone through my pictures yet. Stay tuned! (Don't worry -- there are no pictures from my dental visit.)


  1. Another pleasant post. Thank you. Disappointing that there will be no pictures of you thrashing about and screaming in the dentist's chair.

  2. The evil eye charm is perfection.

  3. Very creative with odds and ends you pick up. It's amazing how much stuff kids leave in schools.

  4. Love your creativity with those tree ornaments. Great job. I had to google around to see what the "evil eye" ornament was all about. Ah, protection from the evil eye. You and Dave will be safe!

  5. That Madagascar ornament looks good on the tree as do all the other bits you've added. I think when tree decorating first began, people made their own decorations so you are bringing back the tradition.

  6. Neat idea, to make Christmas ornaments of all the "stuff" cluttering up your house. Me too.

  7. Clever you. I hope you enjoy your evening.

  8. As an fellow avid re-cycler and up-cycler, I approve heartily!! And these are such cool things to have found and reused. All I ever find around here is trash :)

  9. I love these...
    Christmas decks mean a great deal to the Prof and I...
    They sort of provide a narrative to our relationship.