Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Color My World

Have I mentioned that Dave and I have embarked on a redecorating project?

You may remember that we've been nagging our landlord for months to paint certain parts of the flat -- the kitchen and bathroom, mainly. Our nagging came to naught, so we decided to go ahead and pay for it ourselves. It's an investment that I hope the landlord appreciates (doubtful) and one that will make living here much more enjoyable.

Well, the painter's first day was yesterday -- and honestly I don't know if it's just one guy or a whole crew, because they come after we've gone to work and they leave before we get home. He (they?) painted the bathroom and asked us to move all the plants out of the living room, which he (they?) are going to "touch up."

It looks so bare without our jungle, doesn't it? Moving that avocado tree was no small feat. (We put it in our bedroom where I hope it won't kill and eat us in our sleep.)

I put all our pictures and tchotchkes in the dining room, which now looks like a crazy garage sale.

To make matters more interesting, Dave leaves for Singapore today on a school trip. So it's just me and the painters -- and poor traumatized Olga, who doesn't seem at all traumatized, actually -- until this coming weekend.

And even more interesting, we have mice! Or at least, mouse. I heard the distinct sounds of chewing last night in the entrance hall, and although it was too dark to see the culprit in action, after I turned on the light I found little tooth marks in Olga's bag of dog food. The mouse didn't break entirely through the bag, and I picked it up and put it on the table, thinking it might at least be out of reach up there. I suppose it's too much to expect that if I make it hard for them to eat, these critters will go away on their own?

Never a dull moment!

(Top photo: West Hampstead, last weekend.)


crafty cat corner said...

Remember what it was like when our kitchen was being redecorated, mayhem.
What is a tchotchkes? never heard the word before, I'm guessing its ornaments etc.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Like Briony, I am also puzzled by the word "tchotchkes". I will assume it means sex toys. Given the massive rent you pay for your flat, there is no way you should have to pay for the decoration. If I were you I would save the bill and send a copy of it to the landlord/landlady's agent requesting a rent rebate. As for the night-time rodent, could it be a rat?

Ms. Moon said...

I think you're going to love having new painted walls. Yes, it'll be a mess for a little while and then it will be beautiful.

ellen abbott said...

never just one mouse. and no, putting it up on the table will not discourage them at all! so, just going to touch up the living room or give it a new coat of paint? going with the same color?

The Bug said...

LOL about the ravenous avocado - if we don't hear from you for a few days we'll send in the troops!

Red said...

Compared to me , professional painters can paint 10 times as much in a day. I'm sure things will brighten up.

robin andrea said...

You made me laugh about the avocado tree eating you while you sleep. Very spooky, those avocados! True that it's never one mouse. Eeek! Good luck with the painting. It always looks so wonderful when it's done.

Vivian said...

I would love to hear Briony or Mr. Pudding try to pronounce "tchotchkes". My sister recently told me that she had some friends from the MidWest (now snowbirds in Naples, like my sister and her husband) over for a get together, and when they ordered Chinese take out, the friends gushed that they felt like they were on an episode of "Seinfeld". Because these friends from the MidWest had never, ever had Chinese take out before. How this is possible, you have to be from Ohio, I guess. They were fasciated by the white cartons with the little metal handles. My sister said the Chinese food was about what you get in Florida (bland).

I'm jealous of your garden view. I'm looking at 6 inches of new snow here on the north shore of Long Island.

37paddington said...

you are inspiring me to embark on our own redecoration project, which i have been promising myself for years.

Sharon said...

Holy cow, that is a long flight Dave has to take for just a few days. I had one mouse in my old house and I never saw another one which led me to wonder how it got in and why no others followed. Luckily, I was able to capture him and take out to the alley behind my house and set him free.
You asked if I had that photo stitching software and I don't. I had something similar on an old laptop but that machine has finally expired. Speaking of laptops expiring, I think my Mac is on it's last leg. It's seven years old now and moving at a snail's pace. I might have to go to the Apple store this weekend. I really do hate the thought of it because it will be more new fangled stuff to learn. Plus, I know I'll miss iPhoto.

Catalyst said...

I have a better solution for your mouse problem: get a cat! Of course, Olga might like that a tad less than the mouse.

jenny_o said...

If you haven't had mice to date, there might be just the one - for now. Best find that entry point and plug it! The little beggars can fit through tiny holes. If you have any cracks around the doors or windows, or any holes through which pipes come into the flat, they could squeeze through there. Also, they can climb vertical surfaces - might want to put the dog food in a sealable plastic container. The less there is to attract mice, the more they'll stay away! And that's all the mouse info I have for you.

Except, Olga may catch it while you're at work, if the painters aren't there and it's quiet. When I was growing up, our beagle/bluetick doggo caught one that had the nerve to come inside.