Saturday, March 17, 2018

Daffodils in a Tree

Last weekend, when Olga and I went to Sandy Heath, we found that someone had propped a bouquet of daffodils in this immense tree. (Olga wasn't all that interested, preferring to run around like a wild thing in the background.)

Actually, maybe they're not daffodils. Narcissus?

Yesterday was the most beautiful, bright, sunny spring day you could ever want. And today? Freezing temperatures, wind and snow! We're getting a mini version of our recent "Beast from the East" storm this weekend. The high temperature for the day is supposed to be just above freezing -- which means, once again, that walking the LOOP is probably out. I'll know more after I walk the dog this morning. If she'll go. I see flurries out there already.

The painters are here today, finishing up, so I have to do something to get out of their hair.

I woke to the news that President Trump is claiming in a legal filing that Stormy Daniels owes him $20 million for violating their confidentiality agreement. But why does that agreement exist in the first place?! Is this man really our president? I just can't stand it.


Yorkshire Pudding said...

Please don't address me as "Narcissus" as I am not at all self-obsessed! I hear what you are saying about the Stormy Daniels confidentiality clause. It is surely not the one and only time that Trump has tried to use money to disguise his blatant moral bankruptcy. She may be a hopeless dork, but at least there is no evidence of Theresa May employing male escorts to satisfy her animal lust.

Ms. Moon said...

I hope that the pretty little flowers in the tree were placed there for a sweet reason and not a sadness.
There is a story there, I would think. Or at least one could certainly be imagined.
Snow? Really?
Stormy Daniels. I hope she doesn't end up dead. Seriously- I would put nothing past Trump and his henchmen.

Anonymous said...

When I read about that $20 million I thought, "mmm I bet there's someone willing to pay $40 million for the photos she has." She could be sued and still make a ton of money! Hope your weather warms up. We're actually going to have a sunny day here. Yay!

ellen abbott said...

jonquils maybe. and yes of course Trump is suing her over an agreement he never signed, so she says. what a pissant. all just distraction from the damage he is doing to this country as is the stupid parade.

Sharon said...

Extreme changes in the weather are happening everywhere it seems. It will be interesting to see this how the Stormy story plays out. I hope it plays out with his departure. I know, I've said that before and it never happened.

Catalyst said...

re our political scene: it is unbelievably tawdry.

e said...

Three cheers for your Ms. May.At least she knows how to keep her skirts on and avoid sex scandals, however stupid she may be in other arenas.

jenny_o said...

We're having a return to colder weather here, too. I'm going for a walk but it won't be anything close to what you'd do on the LOOP!

Trump is like a toddler, running around making a mess while his indulgent parents look on, all of them chortling like fools. Ugh. I hate that I get reduced to talking about another human being like that!! I could delete this but I give up trying to be good :)

Red said...

Spring weather can change in minutes unless your in Florida.

37paddington said...

i am getting to a place once again when I might have to take a news break. I found myself literally shaking with disbelief that they fired McCabe 26 hours before he was eligible for retirement, just to fuck with him. The meanness astounds me.

Steve Reed said...

YP: The very thought of Theresa May satisfying her animal lusts is vastly amusing.

Ms Moon: I wondered the same thing. I looked online to see if I could find any reference to a sadness at that location but found nothing. I prefer to think someone was simply taking advantage of that little pool of rainwater left in the tree's gnarled trunk -- a natural vase.

Robin: Undoubtedly people will be willing to pay her legal fEees to help her see this thing through! I'd make a donation myself!

Ellen: Yes! Maybe jonquils! That's a good guess.

Sharon: Wouldn't that be amazing -- to see this guy pushed out of office? I think he might nuke the country before he allows it to happen.

Catalyst: Even in the darkest days of the Clinton-Lewinksy affair, it didn't seem this bad. It helped a lot that Clinton was effective and presidential, despite all the Republican forces arrayed against him. Trump is just a buffoon.

E: I don't mind Theresa May, actually. I think she's been given a horrible, thankless job. It's David Cameron who bears the blame for Britain's current political turmoil.

Jenny-O: Sometimes you gotta call a spade a spade.

Red: Even in Florida it can be pretty variable, but the snow is definitely an added complication in the north!

37P: Meanness -- exactly! It's like he's running the government as an episode of "The Apprentice." I could never watch that show precisely because of the meanness. You can make tough decisions and still do it with integrity and heart.