Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Camden Tropicale

There used to be a big mural of Carmen Miranda on the wall of this Brazilian restaurant in Camden. When Dave and I rode by on the bus the other day, I saw that Carmen had been swapped out for a pair of parrots. I miss her, but I do love the birds. (Maybe younger people don't know who Carmen Miranda is?)

I got myself back to the dentist -- again -- yesterday morning so he could adjust my crown. I tried to live with it, I really did, but it was driving me crazy. I felt like I could barely close my mouth, much less chew. So he ground it down a bit and made some other changes, reducing its height by a millimeter, and that made a big difference. It still feels a bit high, but I think I can adapt.

Then I took a walk through Camden Town, so I could shoot the wall above and some other interesting stuff. It's been a while since I've taken an urban photo walk, having spent all my recent walking time on the LOOP or with the dog, but I hope to do more this summer. I started at the Kentish Town overground station and walked south and then north again, in a sort of U-shape, eventually up Haverstock Hill into Hampstead and then home.

And then, last night, I had my big night on the town with Lulu! I saw "42nd Street," and let me tell you, Lulu may be 69 but she's still got a great voice. It was a fun, flashy show with lots of big song-and-dance numbers  -- I'd seen it in New York years ago and I remember enjoying it there, too.

I bought a glass of white wine at the theater bar before the show, and the barman asked if I wanted a small or large.

I didn't have much time before curtain, so I said, "I think I'll take a small."

He said, "Do you want it in a plastic cup so you can take it to your seat?"

I said, "Oh, I can take it to my seat?! In that case, I'll have a large!"


  1. My eldest son used to live on Haverstock was exactly opposite a tube station with maroon tiles....a flat over a shop! Must have been nearly 20 years ago!

  2. I saw "42nd Street" in a big theatre on 42nd Street in New York City. That was back in 2003 I believe. I guess you saw it in the same theatre. Was it called The New York Victory Theatre? Anyway, it was a very entertaining feelgood musical which we enjoyed.

  3. Sounds like a really good night at the show!

    A millimetre is quite a bit when it's a tooth. If it doesn't feel better, don't settle! Some dentists are like some people in every other profession -- they shouldn't be doing the work because they have no idea of the concept of walking in the shoes of their patients/clients. A small change to your bite can eventually cause more serious problems.

    Yeah, I know. We all like to give you advice on EVERYTHING. And you're so good-natured, you don't even get upset. Not that we know of, anyhow :)

  4. I'm with Jenny-O about how one tooth can mess up everything.
    It should feel absolutely perfect.

    Look at you- going out at night, having wine at a play! A show? Whatever. A grown-up activity for sure!

    Those parrots are fantastic!

  5. It's hard to tell when a crown is seated properly, at least for me what with being numbed up and all the other trauma going on.

    that's a pretty cool mural. I wonder if they change it now and then.

  6. The shape of the building was well used for this mural.

  7. I can't believe you had to go back to the dentist again.
    The show sounds great. Theatres have started to let people take wine to their seats here too but, a few theatres make you put a lid on the plastic cup.

  8. That mural is gorgeous! I'm glad you went back to the dentist. Getting a crown to fit right is a tedious job, but it makes such a huge difference. You made me laugh out loud with your large cup of white wine!

  9. I would have liked Miranda kept with parrots around her but, surprise, I am not the boss of things. Your tooth should be completely comfortable, no getting used to it...otherwise you can throw your bite off which can lead to other distress, and can become complicated all the way down to your toes. Agree with Robin Andrea. Great that you got out and about to enjoy the evening with Lulu. Sixty nine is the new forty, they say...I am hoping that they are right!

  10. I won a fancy dress competition when I was 4, wearing a Carmen Miranda costume. Horses did OK yesterday, but today even better. We're well over £200 up. In the previous race my horse was 4th but I'd taken the odds at 80/1 so my £2 or £3 E/way bet scored me £66. The only horse to let me down today is 'Urban Fox'. You can guess who I blame for that!!!! Last race coming up and I'm on Merlin Magic, it doesn't stand a chance, just have to go with anything connected to Merlin or Magic. £5 E/W, but I don't think it will do anything . Husband is on 'Walk In the Sun. By the way, when I say profits it's from both our betting, so I'm not cheating!
    I've never seen the old mural, but I certainly love the new one. The horses are just loading, so I'll hang on and wait for the result (not many hopes, I'm a sucker for a name I like)Whoops, neither placed. Still, only lost £10. Just transferring £200 into bank account, leaving enough at Ladbrokes for us to bet tomorrow.
    Hope your tooth is better soon. By the way, about 69 being the new 40, I'd say it was 72, If you could trust me with your e-mail I could send you pics to prove it. LOL (and by the way, it's the new 30.


  11. Love the colors and the parrots. I'm glad you had the tooth seen to and I hope that is the last you'll see of this dentist.

  12. I LOVE the parrot mural and so does my resident artist. Actually I like the one of Carmen, too. Hope your review of 42nd Street wasn't affected by you getting blitzed in your seat. :*D

  13. I'd have reconsidered the size of the cup, too! Haha.

  14. Hard to believe Lulu is 69! I'm so happy to hear you got the right size glass.

  15. I have become a bit of a dentistry evangelical lately but I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to not settle if the crown still feels too high. It will throw off your bite and cause problems down the road. Dentists expect to have to adjust crowns. I recently got one and went back three times for them to grind it down some more before it felt right. So, go back and ask them to make it perfect. I know you hate to be difficult but this is your health. Besides you’re not being difficult. You’re just advocating for/taking care of yourself. Ok, my friend, lecture complete. Those parrots are lovely and so is sipping wine in your seat while enjoying a performance!