Thursday, June 7, 2018

Miami Vice

The hawkweed, also known as fox-and-cubs, that grows wild in our garden is looking good these days. We have a patch that we've avoided mowing, and as a result it's gotten taller and fuller than ever before, with many more flowers (as you can see below).

Well, where to begin. Suddenly there's a lot going on around here.

On the dental front, the temporary filling that the dentist gave me on Monday fell out on Tuesday morning. Yes, it didn't even last 24 hours. He told me if it falls out to put it back myself (?!) or just leave it out, since I'm getting my permanent crown next Monday. I've taken the latter path, because I can't for the life of me figure out how to get that misshapen blob back into its proper place in my tooth.

On the flat-maintenance front, we're having another plumbing issue. Apparently there's a leak at the back of our dishwasher. We didn't realize it immediately, but the kitchen floorboards -- which were already warped when we moved in -- have been slowly buckling more and more, and suddenly the floor was looking as wavy as the surface of a lake on a windy day. (This is not the first time we've had water problems in the kitchen.) So the managing agent sent a handyman, who identified the leak (but did not fix it) and said the floor would have to be replaced. Since then, we've heard nothing.

I used the dishwasher twice more, but the floor seemed to get worse, so I guess I need to stop and hand-wash the dishes, at least until the leak is fixed. First-world problems, I know, but dang-nabbit, we pay for a dishwasher.

Finally, work has been madness. I've been writing parents to get their miscreant children to return their books before summer vacation begins next week, and we're both collecting everything from the year and checking out for summer, meaning there's a huge volume of stuff moving back and forth. I'm not complaining. At least it's being read!

Yesterday was "decades day" at school, when kids dressed up with clothes from a decade in the past. Some kids were hippies, some were greasers. One fifth-grade boy came to my desk wearing a suit with a t-shirt underneath, and explained he was "Miami Vice." He showed us his bare ankles to prove it.

"Crockett and Tubbs!" I said. "That was a great show!"

He looked perplexed.

"You mean 'Miami Vice' was a TV show?"

We explained that "Miami Vice" was not only a show but a style-setting phenomenon in the '80s. After he left my boss and I had a good laugh. It's so obvious his parents came up with that outfit, probably because it was the easiest thing to assemble from the contents of his closet!


  1. I laughed along with you and your boss about Miami Vice, while keeping in mind this boy is only in fifth grade.

    Putting the filling back in the tooth yourself? Is this dentist crazy?

    And the top photo is amazing in its detail but doesn't come close to the poppy of a couple of days back.


  2. I have a tonne of dubious about your dentist . . . and I imagine you do, too.

    A pox on the dishwasher problems, too. I hope things gets fixed soon. The upside is getting a new floor, I guess!

  3. I am sure that Dave could have put the temporary filling back in for you. All you would have needed would have been:-
    A dentist's chair
    A dentist's outfit with safety glasses
    A hammer
    A book - "Dentistry for Beginners" by Ivor Payne

  4. I had never heard of Foxweed. How beautiful!
    I bet you will be SO happy when that tooth is finished!
    And yes, DANG-NABBIT! You ARE paying for a dishwasher. And a non-wavy floor, too!
    I love the image of miscreant children. And a miniature Crockett or Tubbs.

  5. That kid is hilarious. Miami Vice. I say it all the time; I miss the '80s.

    There used to be a one going around in the late '70s, about a kid who loved the James Bond movie "Live and Let Die" and bought the theme song on a 45. He came home from school one day and told his parents: "Hey, did you know that Paul McCartney used to be in a band before Wings??"

    This was how we processed the idea of a Beatle doing a James Bond theme, which was at the time seen as a huuuuuge step backward.

    That filling didn't fall out. It was pushed. I think your American teeth are protesting against English dentistry.

  6. Like your story of the kid with his Decades get up. Sometimes educators don't realize that some of the projects completely miss the mark.

  7. Wow, that is such a beautiful photo of the Hawkweed, wonderful colours.

  8. I am so surprised that the filling fell out again. I've worked in dentists' offices and I don't think I've ever heard such an ongoing saga about one tooth. This has gone on way too long. Love the Miami Vice story. That is really so funny.

  9. I think you need a new dentist. and the hawkweed is lovely. the only time I like the color orange is in a flower or on a fruit.

  10. I love the Miami Vice story! I can't begin to imagine trying to put a temporary filling back in my own mouth. That is just crazy! And, sorry to hear about the new leak. It sounds like you will have to deal with a bit of upheaval in order to get it fixed.

  11. The Miami Vice story is both funny and sad. We're all getting older!

  12. Greasers and hippies!! And a little Miami Vice adorable is that? I should suggest decades day at the middle school next year!

    I remember watching Miami Vice as a kid and having no idea what was going on. The storyline were always over my head, but I still thought the show was cool.

  13. Don't blame the dentist - temporary crowns coming off is VERY common. My priest had so much experience with that that she recommended that I use fixodent on mine - but I ended up just leaving it off because it just would NOT stay put.

    Just today in church I was looking at my "high water" pants & thinking of Miami Vice. Ha!