Monday, June 18, 2018

Mid-Life Heath Walk

Olga and I went back to Hampstead Heath yesterday -- the first time we've been to the main Heath since her leg injuries several weeks ago. I know! It doesn't seem that long. I'm happy to report that after a walk of more than two hours, she was fine. There was no limping and no evidence of any re-injury.

That dog is never happier than when she's running free in the forests, looking for squirrels.

Except maybe when she's lying in long grass, in the sun.

The grass on the Heath is an amazing color, green and straw-brown but with hues of pink and purple. I haven't seen a photo yet that really does it justice.

We looped through the woodlands and meadows before climbing Parliament Hill to take in the view. As you can see, lots of other people had the same idea... Olga snuck off to the side to find a quieter spot.

She's still in good health, but I definitely see the effects of age on Olga. Where she used to pull me to the Heath with puppyish abandon -- I literally could not walk fast enough -- she now pauses, sniffing here and there and taking her time. She runs through the trees and chases her Kong, as always, but she takes more rest breaks. I don't mind that at all. I guess middle age catches up with all of us.


  1. I wonder how many photographs of Olga you have taken? She is a great subject with her laughing face. It's a little sad to hear that she is slowing down but as you say this happens to all of us.

  2. Love the last pic of Olga, wish my legs were bendy like that, lol

  3. She is still a beautiful little girl, and enjoys a charmed life with you.

  4. Olga may be one of the best-loved dogs on earth. She is certainly beautiful and we can see the love and caring for her that you give her in the pictures you take.

  5. That last photo is stunning, but they are all great.

  6. I hope Olga knows how much of a fan club she has here. She really is such a beauty, so well-loved.

  7. What a sweetheart! You, I mean, for taking your girl out for the time of her life. Her smile radiates pure bliss.

  8. The melancholy closing passage of today's post made me think of my own aging. Darn you, Steve! :*>

  9. I love all those photos of Olga. She certainly does like communing with nature. That photo of Parliament Hill reminds me so much of the time I climbed up there to take in the view. Just as many people and the sky looked much the same.

  10. There is absolutely nothing like a dog. And when we spend time with them they help us to realize that time has a way of slipping by too quickly. I have a six year old golden doodle who has been with me through thick and thin. I have noticed that he too has aged. His runs aren't as frequent and his naps are more. I enjoyed looking at the photos of your dog, especially the one where she was sprawled out on the grass.

  11. Never mind the heath, which is lovely, your Olga is a most photogenic subject!

  12. I love that big old tree! ... and Olga

    I love that view! ... and Olga

    Okay, I just love all your pictures of Olga

  13. YP: It's a little sad to me, too. :( I can't even begin to imagine how many Olga pictures I have.

    Briony: It's amazing that she finds that position comfortable!

    E: She is and she does!

    Ms Moon: Spoiled might even be the word.

    Colette: Thank you!

    Robin: I'm glad you're all her fan club, and you're not thinking, "Oh, GOD, not more Olga pictures!"

    Vivian: She gives me a good incentive to keep walking myself. It's hard to go home when she's obviously having so much fun!

    Catalyst: Sorry! :/

    Sharon: It's the classic Parliament Hill view!

    Michael: It's true -- I suppose because dogs age so much more quickly than we do, they make us feel the passage of time even more intensely. Thanks for visiting!

    37P: As I told Robin, I'm glad you think so. :)

    Jenny-O: There will no doubt be more!

  14. Olga always makes me smile - such a joyous soul :)